1. it misleads more people than any other state of mind.
the human mind may be complex, but simplicity is the key to logic and common sense.

2. liberal thought makes excuses for the sick people who CAN help themselves.
its great to help the hopeless and heal the sick. but groups like the ACLU constantly defend societys worst criminals and the planets most nauseating humans. there is no reason convicted sex offenders and murderers should get be released early, or be punished in alternative ways etc... but someone whos brain has been weakend by liberal thought thinks every human is the same and can be treated like a 6 year old kid. wrong hippies!!! let the sicko's deal with their own consequences.

i could go on, but i don't want to embarass the humble and quite people on this site.
please don't respond with and bush-bashing, b/c thats not what this thread is about. this is the ACLU and the MOVEON.org bash thread.