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Thread: Getting visuals hibitual

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    Default Getting visuals hibitual

    What's that mean?

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    getting visual is a habit (i.e. habitual)
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    GZA always prides himself in making descriptive lyrics. Rhymes you can "see".

    Getting visual's habitual means he always slings that imagistic style.

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    theres more contained in those 3 words than most rappers entire albums..

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    Good shit right there. Isn't the next line something like "walking on hot coals at rituals" Theres so many ways to interpret that. I always thought GZA had a very majestic way about him (especially in the old days) and on Beneath the Surface. His rhyming style is so unique and image provoking. OUT
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    Default Re: Getting visuals

    the phrase "getting visuals" is often used to describe a moderate to heavy state of intoxication on a hallucinogenic substance like LSD or PCP...it is short for "getting visual hallucinations." I think GZA is trying to say that where he comes from, people are habitually intoxicated on hallucinogens. "Getting visuals" denotes a heightened state of intoxication becuase you don't just feel a buzz or sense that music sounds better, etc, but you actually see things that aren't there. Cf. the next line about splashing paint on a wall and seeing an image. As poster before said, more here than on most hip-hop albums.
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    Visuals can be reached through meditation as well.

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