Peace, glad to see the site's up and running again. I'm sure every one in this forum who has a CD burner has made more than their fare share of Wu mix CDs. Post some of your favorites to see how we all match up. Here's one of mine...

"Poison Clan Techniques" *(Author's Note: This is created to be like an Album, not a mix tape. I've been putting group songs together for years trying to make a Wu album)

1) "Born Chamber" (Intro)
2) "Shaolin Worldwide"
3) "The Abduction"
4) "Respect Mine"
5) "Fam (Members Only)"
6) "Strawberries & Cream"
7) "Don't Think" - Bruce Lee Interlude
9) "Old Man"
10) Wu-Tang 4Ever (Intermission)
11) "The W"
12) "Silent"
13) "...On The Radio" (skit)
14) "D.T.D."
15) WTC Interlude 4
16) "Rocksteady"
17) "Wu-Banga 101"
18) "Head Rush"
19) Wu Skit
20) "Break That"
21. "Silverbacks"
22. "Spot Lite"