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Thread: What if Wu never broke up and released solo albums???

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    Quote Originally Posted by rynmur04
    The Pillage sucked? Uncontrolled Substance sucked? Beneath The Surface sucked? What the fuck, Jack needs to get kicked out of wutangcorp and shut the fuck up.
    Listen pal, I've been listening to them since 92-93 before they're fuckin demo ever left the projects. Im from Staten Island AKA Shaolin...That's how long I've been a fan. I see people On this site that the first album they heard from Wu was Iron Flag...So with that comparison I should be voted president of this fuckin site. All those albums I listed before SUCK they've been collecting dusk in my CD collection for years. Just imagine all those albums I listed were they're debut albums believe me they would have never been heard of again as artists after those flops. The only reason you listen to them is on the strenth of they're previous releases because you are a Wu dickrider and can't except that they are way past they're prime with the exception of Ghost Gza and Masta...maybe meth. Deck is wack, U-God hasn't droped a hot verse since Enter the 36 chambers, Raekwon has OB4CL which is his gift and curse...I love ODB...HE is my favorite but everything he has dropped since his debut straight sucks maybe 2 or 3 good songs on nigga please....Capp hasn't dropped nothing but garbage since he guest spotted on Ironman. and Bobby digital has been stuck on analog for years. Let's get fuckin real here!

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    Default Re: What if Wu never broke up and released solo albums???

    who gives a fuck where the hell you're from? You have your own opinion, but you are pretty much alone with it.

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