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Thread: 4 new Ol dirty tracks

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    Default Re: 4 new Ol dirty tracks

    Quote Originally Posted by wadedigital36
    i think only skrilla and the stomp are the Rza produced tracks. both bangers IMO

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    Ye ye props fi dat cuz dat 'skrilla' song is sik as f**k!! peace wu-tang 4-ev-r

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    i dont know what ya'll talking about man.

    All of these songs are good, the only thing is that ODB didnt need joe buddens & nore on that. Skrilla is a banger and stomp is kinda strange but it fits odb's style. Only dudes i see reppin this is gza, rae, meth or rza, no other mc's would be able to handle this kind of beat

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    Default Re: 4 new Ol dirty tracks

    hand claps = shit...not real music...shit...

    "lounge homeboy you in the danger zone!"!?!?!?!?

    the stomp grows on you a little bit...you can't just turn that shit on though when you wanna chill...it's annoying...i think they made that song while odb was alive right? like beat and all? so that's prolly why he'd use that beat...i'm sure rza didn't just PICK that beat for Dirty AFTER he died right? cause it's a legacy he should be thinking about...the odb legacy...cause i mean if the guy wasn't passed on, he'd be able to come back with a redeamable album or mixtape etc...but this is the last odb i'm going to be hearing...and i'm kinda disapointed...correction...very...

    i can't stand dance music, i looved baby i gotcha money, but that shit STILL pounds in a club compared to this danger zone shit...

    i hate having to come to grips with this being odb's last material...i expected some EPIC shit...this is far from epic

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