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    I don't know if this is in a previous thread - but Sumish reports that the new Gza-Muggs album is called Muggs VS Gza - Grandmasters. The date is October 26 (I think).

    Why doesn't this site have this news before other sites????? There hasn't been a news update in over a month...that's unacceptable. This site is an embarassment to the legacy of the Clan.

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    If your read around, you'd know there is no webmaster to update the site.....
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    I didn't read that...then who updated the last news if there is no webmaster?

    Does that mean that the site will never get updated? Or are they looking for a webmaster?

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    they should get a webmaster, bcuz this site has sucky ass news... doesnt even sh0 the rock the bells they g0nna be at... yeah!

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    Gzaz gonna rip that album, man its been a while. I wonder if his son will be on it.

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    I think it can be another "liquid swords", maybe not the same style but the same atmosphere, with only one producer(muggs) there will be a certain atmosphere in the entire album, a unity between the tracks and that's what beaneath the surface and legend.. missed i think...so i can't wait to listen this new genius' masterPEACE !

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