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Thread: carlton fisk vs. streetlife

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    Default Re: carlton fisk vs. streetlife

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    Default Re: carlton fisk vs. streetlife

    Maybe Fisk.. Only if he commits to Wu. Streets pretty tight man, give em his props.

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    Default Re: carlton fisk vs. streetlife

    no doubt, fisks verse on Mr sandman, is just raw as hell, but then again that whole song isss..... o what was that i forgot .... THAT WHOLE GOD DAMN ALBUM IS RAW,

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    Quote Originally Posted by INSpectah~Deck
    ^^^ I think you mean Mr. Sandman.

    Carlton's dope, but Street has dropped alot of ill verses on Wu albums. I'm goin Street Life
    carlton fisk over streetlife.....sure streetlife has dropped a WHOLE lotta verses, but most aren't aren't that great....only a few standouts like his verse in 'hellz wind staff' and 'rules', but then again, im sure if carlton had as much verses as street (streets been on the most underground wu albums to albums like the How High Soundtrack and Blackout), im sure fisk could easily outshine him.
    Reign supreme in your U-N-I,
    V-E-R-S-E with the sharpness,
    narrow row building no space for partners,
    no space for drivers, no space for walkers,
    no space regardless,
    your on my path then get off it,
    hardheaded and unresponsive,
    get they lives put on target with harshness,
    come with the canons sparkin' they darken,
    who am i? one man squadron.

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    Default Re: carlton fisk vs. streetlife

    for those who don't know, here's the common denominator freestyle.
    ...and like in mr sandman they both shred it to pieces!

    also here's another track from the undadogz mixtape, a fisk solo with deck on the hook:


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