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Thread: Solomon Childs: Patience INTERVIEW

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    Default Solomon Childs: Patience INTERVIEW

    I'm not sure if this was posted or not, I looked 3 pages back didnt notice it, but here it is from All Hip Hop:

    Soloman Childs: Patience
    By Tiffany Hamilton

    Since his initial debut on Cappadonnaís The Pillage, Soloman Childs has been keeping fans in awe. With his clever word play and menacing rhymes the Staten Island bred MC is already proved that he is a force to be reckoned with. After rocking with the most talented squad in the game, Wu-Tang affiliate Soloman Childs gives fans no doubt that with the release of his debut solo album My Motion Picture, Hip-Hop is in for a rude awakening. Like his Wu predecessors, Soloman comes straight from the streets of Shaolin and at 24 years old, he has already accomplished the credibility of a veteran MC, from his recent collaboration with Ghostface on the Theodore Unit Project 718 to his guest spot with Ghostface on Krumbsnatchaís last project, Soloman has always kept it thorough. AllHipHop.com got a chance to sit down with the god at the Wu-Tang Studios to discuss his new album, his purpose, and the future of the Wu-Tang Clan from a family member himself.

    AllHipHop.com: A lot of people donít know that besides being on Cappadonnaís The Pillage, you were also on the Killa Bees album, what would you say has changed between now and then lyrically?

    Soloman: The main thing that has changed is I have seen more, I have traveled a lot of places all over the world, read a lot and I have dealt with drama in the hood, so I have elevated. I have elevated not to the highest point that I can go, but now I can step back and really put out stories that are told in great detail to give people a glimpse into my life, thatís why I named the album My Motion Picture, because now fans finally get a chance to see and hear me.

    AllHipHop.com: I hear that there is a possible collaboration in the works with Shyheim, DJ Mathematics and yourself, although itís not concrete what can you tell us about the project?

    Soloman: I can tell you that itís going to be fire, straight fire. Math got those beats for years and Shy is a young gunner and although Iím young I bring the veteran element to it, so expect nothing but the best from that project.

    AllHipHop.com: With all the collaborations that you have done, including Ghostfaceís Theodore Unit Project, are you afraid that fans will expect more from you than you can give?

    Soloman: I donít think so, because I am going to keep giving them real music. I mean I have been rhyming for a long time, so itís not like I am new to this. I have book bags full of rhymes, I just havenít been able to lay them all down, but if I had to go back and lay [down] another ten [tracks], it would be nothing to me. Everything I write about is on some true story s**t, if I said it I did it, if I did it Iím going to say it, a lot of people get caught up because they be on that text book flunky s**t, letting what sells dominate who they are and what they put out, but I am on some other s**t, Iím on the real Hip-Hop s**t, because thatís all I know.

    AllHipHop.com: You were last on tour with the complete Wu-Tang Clan in 2002, how has the atmosphere as a whole changed since then, obviously the death of Olí Dirty Bastard and the departure Cappadonna have had an effect?

    Soloman: I donít feel that anything has changed, I just feel that they have gotten older and they know itís time for them to pass the torch to a new generation of members that are definitely hungry. I donít feel that anything has been lost with Wu, because they have so much wisdom and they have passed a long so much that a piece of each member is in all of us who are here to step up.

    AllHipHop.com: Itís no secret that Rza executive produces the majority of Wu projects, how do you feel about people saying that the Wu is nothing without beats from Rza, do you feel limited to a certain extent?

    Soloman: No, not really. I mean Rza got them beats, but he only has one element of them, there are millions of producers out there with different elements and pitches, that can bring forth their own thing and create something or bring something out of you that you didnít know you had. So when I hear people say that we are stagnant without Rzaís beats, I just say they are one dimensional and need to expand their horizons as listeners. Because the art that we are creating is expression, but itís also meant to grow, we canít get older and just stay in one place.

    AllHipHop.com: With all of the solo projects going on, do you think Wu-Tang will remain as a whole or do you think that the current state is permanent?

    Soloman: I think that in another five or ten years, Wu-Tang will be a corporation. I think they will be manufacturing tennis rackets and stuff like that. [laughs] But these dudes are like family. Itís no doubt that what Wu-Tang has created in the art of Hip-Hop will forever be a driving force, whether itís with the original members or the new generation, we will always be a force to fight against. I think that when people see Wu projects with affiliates or members that are just being brought to the fore front, they are a little put off. The best way to explain it is like the old cartoon Voltron, when they tried to re-create it with different robots people were like ďwhat the?, this ainít Voltron.Ē And it wasnít treated the same because they wanted what they were used to, but I am here to let fans know that we arenít imitations that we are the real thing down with the Wu from day one. Trust me Rza wouldnít put his name or Wuís on nothing that wasnít thorough.

    AllHipHop.com: Tell us a little about the album, are there any guest spots?

    Soloman: As much as I love working with my brothers and doing music, I really feel that this record is mine, to show the world what I can do. Right now, we are dealing with 18 songs and there is only one guest feature and truthfully, we may take that off because I feel that this album just needs to be me, like on some Nas s**t. Iím tired of hearing albums with all these features that in the end, you donít know whoís album it is, or people buy your album because of that single you have with somebody else. So with this album, I am really going to do some real old school s**t and just have me rhyming and no features.

    AllHipHop.com: For those who donít know how did you get linked up with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan?

    Soloman: Well I am from Brighton projects and Wu really consisted of dudes from Stapleton, but I was one of those dudes who knew everyone from Stapleton and at that time I was wilding out, sticking dudes up and Davaughn used to tell me to slow down and I wasnít trying to hear it, because I was like ,ĒHe old school, rolling in a Benz while Iím rockiní a Mongoose.Ē But they always told me that they would holla at me and one day - we hooked up and that was that.

    AllHipHop.com: I hear you are working on a DVD, whatís that about?

    Soloman: The DVD is just apart of my motion picture, itís me going to my hood, talking about things I been through and just allowing listeners to walk in my shoes and really feel what Iím talking about. The Motion Picture DVD will be featured with my album and it should be out around September

    AllHipHop.com: I hear that you are looking into acting once your album drops, what type of roles are looking at doing?

    Soloman: Well, I know Iím not doing nothing stupid to where people watch one episode and then donít want to tune in for the rest of the season because it was some bulls**t. I mean when I grew up I wasnít watching no 7th Heaven or Charmed. I grew up on Facts of Life, Knightrider</I> and A-Team. So when I get in the creative seat to create my sitcom, I am going to take it back even if I have to bite their stuff and bring it up to date, itís going to be tight. Because think about Knightrider, there was nothing like that black car with the red stripe, even the theme song was hot. So I am definitely going to make that show to take you back to where the hood is still the hoodí but it wonít be poppiní until the show is over.

    Iron Fingaz "Revenge of the Iron Fingaz Part II" OUT NOW!!!!
    Iron Fingaz "Iron Fingaz of Death Part I" OUT NOW!!!!

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    Default Re: Solomon Childs: Patience INTERVIEW

    Theodure Units finest an hardest m.c. Makes Trife kinda sound like a puppy dog. No disrepect to the dog! Theodure Unitz tha shit.

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    Default Re: Solomon Childs: Patience INTERVIEW

    wow that means he was like 17 on the pillage.

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    Default Re: Solomon Childs: Patience INTERVIEW

    Thanks for posting up that interveiw I missed that one.....good read! Although I dont agree on his opinions about stay with only Rza beats is one dimensional,Rza has always brought a new sound.But hey..thats his thoughts,I look forward to his album.

    "Those who havent learnt get returned you freaky ass niggas get burned some walk around like they aint concerned with the hell goin on inside the world. Why do grown men molest little girls it is because the girls breast has swelled to the size of a women,although shes 12.The whole world is sick,sick,sick trapped up in six,six,six "Sunshower~The Rza

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