Hold Up Let Me Spit One Savage Rymes Attack
Weaponry Sling Emcees Steady Movements In The Trees
I Forsee Lost Thoughts Paralized They Took The Bait Lyrically Cant Escape The Madness Thats At Stake Trumpets Blows Spots Like Earthquakes Symbolize The Wonders Show Twist And Blunders With Words Mentally Often
Winds Brush By Areas Calling For Your Thoughts
Its There
Yall Just Dont Even Care Scared Unaware Shook
Look At The Moment Stratagize Your Dreams Come Out With The Means Im Your Median To Your Mode To Your Moods And So On I Call On The Swords To Master This Accord Swing Your Shit Come Equipt Killah Bee Trumpets Harmonize The Four Corners Triumph Spitting The Disaster Words Deadly Brings Out The Master Of Destruction On Lands With The Crown On Heads I Chop Without Hesitation Bring Forth The Battle Who Wanna Battle