My killer bee instinct leaves you less honey/ Opposition force drank that, stuck to less money/ Finger jab style quartet/ Resiliance of a war vet/ Sting the pressure points that get the coochie spot more wet/ Impale rappers to sword depth/ Rock-n-Roll guitar chords wept/ Dusty ass mc's is victims, gettin' they floor swept/ I'm the triumph of the Wu/ Reunited like track 2/ I'm that wise dude that straddled the horse and spat glue/ On a sticky situation that constantly traps you/ In the inner most groves on the sole of my black boots/ I'm fly as hell like Ghost rockin' robes & minks/ And I'm down right nasty like bootnie lee with the strength/ With an unforseen habit of gettin' drunk off of ink/ If you lead my hand to paper, I bet you the bitch drink/ Until it's breath stinks/ Of mad ass mass destruction/ That equals deception of my verbal slash corruption.

Next weapon: bone fragments