crab ass Warcloud fabricator, carbon copier, you’re rhymes beta
I drop meteors on your crevice and leave catastrophic craters, master creator
I already schemed your design, your inferior mind could never see mine
you’re just a mime, a cliché of sorts, a mimic, just another fucking wucorp gimmick
texting shitty limericks that are shittier than the Chronicles of Riddick, ilz sick
manifest your death with just a touch, affect your pulmonary arteries and such
worse than any cardiac arrest, potent dim mak, leave jughead with no chest too clutch
ilz five fingers exploded your heart, you’re an airbag popped with my darts
left to die in your shart ala cart, jugganaut, added to those I had to dearly depart

next weapon: cat 6 cable