the guy above must be in the wrong thread//
'kill the the guy above' is somethin' he mustn't have read//
can't use a spoon... or rap... spit nonscence instead//
I didn't learn this... from birth the steez lay dormant in my head
pr00f, don't front... you gotta respect the 4 bar style//
this hatin's gettin' out of control... becomin' wild//
I leave shark biters in a pile... won't hear them again in a while//
you think im a dummy... but a daggers concealed in this smile
from Pacific to Atlantic... my rhyme travellin's frantic//
unanimous decicion... I win... whitewash like canvas
im a turning point in rap... like im the year ninety three//
your numbers Dennis Rodman... two places behind me
I did name a weapon last time... kill with a Nelly CD//
volume at 10... play 'Tilt Ya Head Back' till your earrrs bleed
like a Lycan... I bug out in the full moon//
crack your skull and eat your brains out with a spoon
have you mixin' with the gases... floatin' higher than 10 NASA's//
im on point like a beez ass is... couldn't see me with 6-inch gasses//
stick your thumb out... I wave fron the whip as it passes//
I stay educatin' the masses... coz they thicker than molasses
__________________________________________________ _________

Next Weapon: a Credit Card