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Thread: The official kill the guy above you thread

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    lol FAIL

    make you rock a purple german helmet
    call you a bellend
    i'll hop on top on ya skull and watch the turtle shell spin
    send you rolling you into ya crew like bowling pins
    my ordinance is bullet bill and it'll colon cleanse
    you and ya friends are holding hands
    because you're scared
    ya shit your pants
    you weren't prepared
    i'm so advanced
    i learnt to stare into the mirror in trance
    and see the faraway lands of golden sands
    virginia beach
    where me and all my peeps would jam
    police would stand in front of the crowd
    and threaten to shut down us down
    because we're too rowdy
    too rough
    too loud

    bah, just fuckin around dnruk lol

    next weapon: TOMAHAWK

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    Revenge is sweet my tooth
    Armed to my teeth in the booth
    Radiation exposed tainted it’s the truth
    Food poisoning my babies.. a cold world
    The journey untold three million sold
    My baby could had been three months old
    But …….ba im bleeding from my eyes
    Bleeding cause he died forget family ties
    Died cause you lied baby milk wasn’t safe
    Baby milk wasn’t safe
    You tainted it with mase cheap labor
    Please. get out of my face
    China you die today cruise missiles over Beijing
    My tomahawk destroy yo great wall
    Suicide in my thoughts so we both fall

    Next weapon: resurrection

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    big wooly mammoth SKAMPOE's Avatar
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    after the assassination there was the resurrection,
    only to deliver another sharp sword to the mid section,
    and it did scure the largest intestine,
    skampoe keeps infectin,
    the masses by speakin the truth,
    face 2 face or in the realm of the booth!

    n-w = cancerous tar


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    ill scrape the cancerous tar staight off of your mother's lungs
    while suffocating you in the gelatinous lard she's become
    its time to optomize ill dot your eyes 'n blow you to pieces
    cuz every flow you've ever shown us is known as the weakest
    i dont belive this.. cuz this dude dont even try for respect
    the one rockin a sweater vest... always cryin at recess
    so go jump rope with the women.. your so hopelessly timid
    like flanders.. and his oh-ka-lee doe-ka-lee gimmicks
    kid, in only a minute .. ill rip your fuckin flesh into ribbons
    'n wrap em around the fuckin christmas gifts that im givin
    jus a buncha boxes i shit in .. drippin, splatterd inside
    still its better than any present you've ever had in your life

    next.. candy cane

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    BANG, BANG! Killa BB's Avatar
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    Shitty Kings throwin punches and swings
    Let me rub my eyes, I must be imagining things
    As weak as your fuckin flow is I don't know why you try
    You could throw a fuckin grenade and not kill a fly
    I was gonna give you 16 and maybe allow
    You to live a little longer but nah.. you dyin' now
    So I'ma puncture ya skull and send it straight to ya brain
    So I can freshen up your flow with this here candy cane...

    Next Weapon... Hot Grits

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    Flawless my style yours settled down for life
    Smile for me your under pressure like Barak Obama's wife
    react with the knife get sent to a different world
    Mentally groped your cut coke sniffed up broken nostrils girl
    The assassins shot that hit JFK in the drop
    Brains on the side as i bring brutality like cops
    Mop up the blood high mantinence thug hit u with slugs
    Snail in my shell light you up like twisted el's
    I'm toxic you drop quick tortured with hot grits

    nw: sloppy Joe sandwich

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    JTS got sloppy in a sec, im in mah guerilla dialect, thirteen detrimental points of intellect
    squash you like an insect and digest the garbage you spew, spit it twice uglier than you
    your fate ensues, verbal vomit on two toasted buns, this will be the dawn of 2 sons
    gritty grime sloppy like joe, toe to toe, choke on the sloppy joe, shitty skilled homo

    Next weapon. toe fungus

    CONservative goverMENt

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    Prince Rai


    i judge wisely while i sense fear in my enemy camps,
    they dim the comfort of their lamps, tears smudge the line of their maps,
    the territories you tread on are infinitely humongous,
    treacherous terrains breach the sanctity of your skin leaving toe fungus,

    Next weapon: dirty claymores

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    My weapon of chose be a dirty claymore.
    It may be rusty but I keep it so say no more.
    Might be goin through that lil black heart cause I gotta even the score.
    Who turned on the lights and exposed you like a roach.
    Wit no where to run now your froze.
    And like a roach you get raid.
    My trained swordbrotha's move wit the speed of a centipede to get you sprayed.
    Gravedigga, digging up more graves.
    Wanna see that corpse decay.
    You better pray you don see me first.
    Im hexed, im cursed,
    So stop it, can't top it.
    Dirty claymore to your neck, no head cause I just chopped it.

    Weapon: childs play.

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    BANG, BANG! Killa BB's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
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    I need a worthy adversary, you not even nice
    A CLAYMORE is not a sword, it's an explosive device
    I'm not impressed, I'll take your life cuz you don't need it, you wack
    I'm usin toys, choke you wit marbles, gauge your eyes out wit jacks
    You aint cut out for killin, this is not your forte
    You can call me the Bride of Chucky, killing you was child's play.

    Next Weapon... Wish Bone.

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    Beutiful B's wackest attack, pick up your verbal slack and I hand it back
    brattttttt! ill spit attacks have you wishing you were nice, roll the dice b
    I skin and slice till I get to the gristle, this'll be your death like howard kissell
    aim at your soft tissue, puncture your lung with a wish bone, you wished you
    had skills, ilz potent like crillz, ggetting her fillz with these verbal killz..

    next weapon - sleep

    CONservative goverMENt

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    too many mcs not enough mics ill potent lyrical content
    deadly as the bite of winter in summer its nonsense
    verbally worthless hapless i watched it drown in a single spate of my spit ageless timeless like the wu my verbals hit hard u split not into two/brag pit
    but into three first i devour spirit then add power to yo physicall
    i aint touching yo mentall coz it don even exist recompose you in digital welcome to the internet you not even as half interlect as the last insect
    say yo prayers at nite before you touch that mic this is the foresite
    now go to yo room find something better to rite
    you bore me to sleep
    with that wackness you incite

    next weapon: golden arms

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    Golden arms, you rocking bronz, your bowl of lucky charms couldn't save the harm
    Im bringing, Queenz bee stingin, Ilz have you hailin me as your king and you
    hangin by a string an' i got more verbal than a game of bubble boggle, you brittle
    jahny jiggles poor attempt made me giggle with contempt, wack ass attempts
    smacked away, swatted leave you pixel bitch spotted, circuits sotted and you
    still don't got it, swagless flow receiving ilz detrimentral blows leaving your
    modem slow, infected by viruses shit nigga, last thing you'll see is the brown of my irises.

    Next Weapon: blackberry

    CONservative goverMENt

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    God Beside Me Guarded By Martyrs's Avatar
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    Front Row Tickets |Watching The Apocalypse|
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    And What A Beautiful Last Sight To See That Would Be
    But What You Don't Know About Me, I'm A Sylar-Emcee Index-Skeleton Key
    I'm Ill P...Took Medusa's Ability, You Turn To Stone If You Look At The Anomaly
    And All I Need Is To Do Is Send A Message To Your Blackberry

    Next Weapon : Golf Tee
    Last edited by Guarded By Martyrs; 12-20-2008 at 11:36 AM.

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    bill romanowski
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    Aug 2007
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    yo cadi pass me ma driver no suvivors
    when i beat ma oppenent to death
    we hit the short green but i'm losin the stretch
    fuck it... golf tees in ya eyes who's next

    next weapon: whiffle ball
    gas masked up kerosene cocktails/
    cough syrup warm 40 and my lost spirit../
    pray for me holy gohhhhst iss all bad ohh baby oh noo/
    an so slow the world spinnin.../
    or facebook search Slurch YUNG or holla at me on here PEACE

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