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Thread: The official kill the guy above you thread

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    i got a bullet with your name on it im fixin' to part with
    literally, i engraved GZAject in the cartridge
    you couldn't come with nothin' phat if ya had ya a lypo kit
    cops is always watchin me like they on sum geiko shit
    cuz im spreading out more poison than that fag bret michaels
    there aint no antidote to save you, got the last of the vial
    so holla you numb nuts 'n buncha dumb fuck bitches
    king's stringin' these flows together like sum numchuck sticks is
    im tired of mufuckaz always runnin they lips kid
    ill sew 'em up 'n use your bone splinters to stitch with
    threadin' it with my pubic hair i know this dude is scared
    cuz ill dice his entire fuckin family to cubic squares
    so dissin' my crew is rare cuz we be known to dumb out
    front row at the game smokin sum bones in the dug out
    i dont need your moltov bottles or your homemade crap
    i killed you simply by keystyling sum half ass raps

    next> cinder block

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    GZAjector good stuff

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    cinder block...

    I'm better then you and some punk ass crews
    a couple boo's suitable when your whack ass lose
    and while you get stupid, my spits fucking retarded
    making the illest emcees feeling cold like a caucus
    all your talk's bullshit, your girl, yes I fucked it
    King's big and dumb, shots landing and his I ducked all of it
    now I'm spitting off the top, hot as the sun
    creeped from my own grave, watch me stun
    the crowds y'all left in awe as I kept it raw
    hitting upside heads with cinder blocks accept the law
    I'll cut you violently, bloods spilling vibrantly
    under moonlit skies whack fucks flood to fight me
    which every one falls like a bag of bricks
    now I'll count you out and debunk ya sad ass tricks

    next weapon = key(s)
    The, U. NY Knicks. NY Jets. NY Mets. > Ur teams = The Truth

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    It's tough to get by in this relentless dark land
    You let your guard down and get schellacked into strands
    The ninja, creeping through the scaffolding to injure
    Throw keys like darts discombobulating your fingers
    You're gonna feel Demented when I give you hard migraines
    Quivering and jiggling like a woman facing labor pains
    Severed digits hit the soil while I slice with precision
    Moving fast like the scalpel of a mohel in circumcision

    Next Weapon = Rotten Egg

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    tie this god down on mount olympus..
    for all the other Gods to peep it..
    use wonder womens laso asked if her i could use it..
    after i discombobulated her urethra during sexual peaking..
    announced iron god was abusing his ranking to much speaking..
    shoved his head back and stuffed in a rotten golden goose egg ...
    for his big mouth it fit perfectly, no one could oppose certainly..
    cause i drop that thunder you know who it be zeus kid..
    anyone want to step up ill rendering their organs useless..

    next weapon = daisy
    working cause of cause??

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    in a flowery field is where suav will be killed

    blood spilled with a dafodil rose or this daisy
    shanked with the stem till his chest looks like paisley
    filled with chlorophyll man my skill is amazing
    i'm white petal thowin u can't juke these shuriken
    wiz past so fast look like white metal glowin
    the yellow in the middle hits this fellow in the middle
    chest plate cracked open releasing the bits and kibble
    learn a hard lesson better watch where u steppin
    put u in the ground so you can push up more weapons.
    Last edited by Uncle Steezo; 03-04-2009 at 12:01 AM.

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    ^^^stlye is on a whole notha level with that shit. big upz
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    Uncontained anamilistic arachnid sick kid
    convicted of specific insane lingustics
    membrane evicted out of my mind
    the Giant spider waits web made up of vines
    intertwined with grime built up over time
    scent and leaves mask all signs so u cant find
    the fly swatter batters and makes your fluids rain
    thats what you get for being in the trap like gucci mane

    next weapon---candle stick/candle stick holder or w/e its called lol

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    Shove a candle stick up your prick that's TORTURE what/
    Got a knife to stab you in the but and come out ya gut/
    Using big words you big bird lookin homo/
    Ain't Italian but fuckin' wit me is a nono/
    You can be the gucci man I get coochie man/
    I get more coochie in 5 years than you in a life span/
    I kick your face in like i'm Jason voorchies/
    I've touched more keys than a piano man/
    Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

    "Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

    "The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
    gift thats why its called the present"

    Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

    Cass Corridor as well punk


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    I Sing A Song To Seperate Your Soul Like Billy Joel...Cos I Am The Piano Man
    An Ex-Janitor Now Weilding Excalibur, Move All The Weight You Can
    You'll Still Be Below Me Like Your Unable To Stand, Your Rhymes Are Bland
    Talk About Getting Pussy When Your Best Friend's Your Right Hand
    Jealous Of Superior Vocabulary, Tremendous Interior Of My Mind Is A War-Torn Sanctuary
    My Wordplay Legendary I'll Put You To Sleep, Better Yet You'll Be Off With The Fairies
    Calling Dudes Big Bird When Only Ones You've Touched Are Canaries
    No Weapon In Sight ? So I'll Finnish You Like The Hand Of God From Buenos Aires...
    My Thumb Will Puncture Your Lung While My Index Snap Your Neck
    I Saw Off The Tops Of Heroes Heads And Guess What...Your Next !!!!
    Middle Finger To Triggerhappy Gun Clappers, You'll Get Discarded Like A Sweet Wrapper
    As For The Ring, Here's The Thing...I Don't Even Wear One, But I'll Take Your Bling
    Removing The Crowns From Conquered Kings Little Finger Morph Into A Scorpion's Sting
    Injecting Section 9 Venom Into Your Melon, Drop Your Gun Your Done I Black Out The Sun
    I'm The One Who Brings The Heat To Michigan

    Next Weapon : Diamond Wire
    Last edited by Guarded By Martyrs; 03-13-2009 at 08:41 PM.

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    You seem a little bit off key but I'ma tune you up
    You're not impressive with those big words you googled up
    Diminutive in stature, actor... I mean Thespian
    If I came up to you, you'd be like "What's my line again?"
    I will erase a bitch like euthanasia at the pound
    And it looks like you need a rest so let me put you down
    A waste of oxygen like you does not deserve to breath
    I know you don't need help to choke but please... allow me
    Slip this around your neck, oh yes that fits you real nice
    You wanna own me, you about to pay a real price
    I think it might be fun to drag you with a minivan
    And you lightweight enough to dangle from a ceiling fan
    You wanna see me down but I'ma keep on rising higher
    Higher than you're swinging from the noose I made of Diamond Wire.

    Next Weapon: 808

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    spill swords of liquid on this expensive plot,
    twist misbegotten linguists,
    blisters and hot coals on robberies rolled and cash cropped
    stashes copped by flabby rocks and fly beez,
    locked into scenes where my cocked diesel is watched and beaten
    lost in Eden,
    scholars and heathens fall at the feet of a God related
    scarred and hated,
    charred, heartless and chrome-plated
    no pay-for-play shit,
    listen in amazement as old paper pigs are slain by an 808 and kick...

    next weapon: olive branch
    weep for lost babylon,
    the bleeding god, the forgotten sheep slaughtered in a forest of evil fog
    bordered by a sea of faults,
    fleeing mobs turn to see the holocaust and become kings and queens of salt
    screaming shots, police and chalk,
    wingless fallen demons walking among us as people...


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    I'll be coming with the swords to cut you up, you'll get 0wned
    Don't think i won't, because i could
    Yeah i said could, i won't, but i surely would
    But i wan't you to see your mom's getting boned
    by me, cuz that bitch' a whore
    getting it for 8 hours, still she want more
    now back the fuck up, let me have my way with this wench
    don't come any closer or imma stab you with this olive branch

    Whahaha, i have no idea man...i don't do shit like this.

    But whatever....uhm...sticky tape!

    Not an accurate representation of white people.

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    It's been a long time since I killed in this thread
    Dirk's head full of happiness, but I filled it dread
    I'm real wit tha lead, next victim Inspectah Dirk
    I was ready for a battle, but didn't expect a jerk
    Time to get to work, but I'm havin' fun just demeanin' him
    Taped his asshole shut and kept feedin' him and feedin' him
    I already defeated him, he looked like he wanna vomit
    So I sticky taped his mouth shut, then punched him in the stomach

    next weapon: swine flu

    Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters
    Jugganaut on the block blast shots at all retreaters - Holocaust

    In the melting pot, felt the shot heard 'round the world
    We unstoppable like Jugganaut baby girl - Meth

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    Travel to China, it's fine time a, the year...clear
    Err...smog skies, masks an' eyes, what the fuck?
    Figures, this my luck, seeing quarantine trucks...
    (slight touch an' pick of the nose, shoulda wiped it on his clothes)
    Few weeks later, gator's crockin' kickin' the cup
    Fever's up, one-hundred-seven, on the rise
    Dude's fucked, someone-come-get'em, look at his eyes
    Swine and pigged, figged he's strigg, breathin' big
    Airborne toxins, knockin' dude unconcious...

    n/w: empty beer can

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