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Thread: The official kill the guy above you thread

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    14" rim? what like the dubs hangin in my scrotum?
    I'll choke you like the chicken and douse your ass in baking soda!
    Add molassas, sugar, rasins- flour eggs and water from the ocean
    drop the heat to 325 and bake your cake up in my oven
    this meal your lovin like your mama kissin huggin like you love her
    wtf this rhyme about? still killin bitches like no other.
    Ding! cakes done let it cool up on the counter
    crack'd you with a 14" rim, took your mother, watch me mount her


    nw/ telephone

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    I heard the beat to C.R.E.A.M., who could it be yo,
    A soft looking nigga displayed on the LCD screen of my cellular telephone,
    Punk Nigga was the ID, I came through like ghost in the machine,
    Popped through his end of the connection to put a hole in his splein,
    Shaolin gunblade cut off his neck, dissed in this thread,
    But still diss back from whats spit like hollowtipped lead,
    My knowledge leave Sockets infallible mind with a volatile head,
    Sit back and watch him explode tryna conjur thoughts from the pen,
    But his brain actin up from all those radioactive satalite rays,
    Can't come up with shit, my discs big in the hood like satalite trays,
    When you on the ave and stroll through writers block, holla yo..
    I'll be sure to pick up with advice on my cellular telephone.

    N/W: Aliens vs. Predator

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    Default N/W: Aliens vs. Predator

    nice blast kid, nice nice, nice--

    nw Aliens vs. Predator--

    Snatch whisky out the nozzle, fuck wine- ill guzzle liquor till I'm dead
    I'm the drunk internet MC slurin rhymes with styles sleek like aliens head
    I'm the predator to your sister creamin panties through this thread
    not the governator in the mist or the mayor- aliens or predator
    jesse ventura v.s. sigourney weaver and arnold schwartzenegger
    whether actor or the real thing you can play this through the speaker
    visualize me on dvd/pc or high def television from tweeter
    1080i you're RF cable shitty signals your shits weaker
    Aliens v.s Predator? dork- your more like Steve Urkle versus Beaker

    nw/ cd (and/or) jewel case

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    Ayo my mind shattered your matter and math blaster,
    Turned a cellphone to a weapon and this shit to a massacre,
    Your life is what I'm after, pipin ya wife happily ever after,
    This pimp got Alicia's keys and Beyonce knows I stuffed Jewel's case,
    Fens tryna rip the God in rap so I hadda punch this dudes face,
    Left him screwfaced like the head of the Jamaican posse,
    I'll heat you like a Jamaican patty then blaze this Jamaican poppy,
    Fuck a CD, abbreviated this kid is Causing Destruction,
    Massive implosion from my lyrical combustin leaving you rustin,
    Those bars of metal decomposing like your bones eroding,
    Every track on this album exploding, every rhyme keep you exploring,
    Next weapon, next sentence, same ending, death repeated,
    I'm top ranked you last seeded, let it be it.. March Madness let's see it.

    N/W: March Madness

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    honestly though, that was hot.

    I'll try nw/ march maddness

    New to this board but I've heard dudes like you before
    claimin tight beats and dreams you've yet to complete
    neat styles clearly written bout your lyrics and your ho's
    18 bars of Alicia keys, with dreams of Beyonce Knowles
    you duckin jay and family slippin hands up in her clothes
    you thought you ran up in Bey(aunt)ce, but you got Bey(uncle) Knowles
    cringed toes, souls cold, dicks full of buthole mold.
    You must be genius, puttin penis in his anus, man,
    think of all those stories you must had told!
    all proud, shootin your free-throws scorin points through the poop shoot
    but your train wrecked in the butt made the ass puke
    he trained ya pimp skillz with metaphors
    NAMBLA reached you two through telephones
    the entire time, since sweet sixteen you were treated like a whore
    still, there was 5 some rings at olympics, and you couldnt fuckin score?
    no pedestal, no gold or flowers, barely made the final four
    arch your neck up see the champ, kid, you know I was born in march?
    maddness destined to your zone kid, since steppin out moms pussy arch.

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    You got hot stuff too, i enjoy this shit.

    My shot's clockin, aimed for Fen's God and Fen's Goddess,
    No Jack Bauer, before this 24 I'm rippin off Fen's arms from Fen's sockets,
    Heard dudes like me before from Biggie on Ready to Die to Pac on 2Pacalypse,
    You just mad you still grounded and I'm above the rim like the shot clock is.

    N/W: Nation of Israeli.

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    yah, I definitely enjoy this--

    nw/ nation of israel

    5 point stars, hot bars, stolen keys from hot cars
    crisis to you section your situation dictates my complexion?
    red/yellow/black- catholack/ not the nation of israel
    imperial clones fight over thrones throw stones through crystal-
    What you do with your weekends? I eat on my coco-puffs cereal
    Belief, its a miracle! I'm superior- your biblical hero
    from section to faction, you sit and wait, I bring the action
    Watch me pump the gas face at your faction
    I get my gas from a mideast full serve station
    screechin wheels squeelin off, my cars run on hot oil
    while you self served your wagon with pumped up gas from a potato you boiled.


    nw/ ok, this is a little different, choose biggie/pac and I'll become the other and kill me as whomever you choose

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    hell yeah I'm Pac
    Fucking makevil bitches and breathing illuminati
    You can't compete I'm the Queen of yo kill a guy lie
    I fucking immobilze ya dick and behead ya third eye
    Ain't nobody coming iller than me I fucking make ya ass cry
    Like brenda cuz she had a baby
    Dumb ass niccaz can't be in my army
    The rela niggas is ready ta die fo me....and fuck biggie no Biggie
    I just quit that shit a sistah can't relate to a fat nigga off welch's grape
    It's simple I'll kill ya with the 2 a nigga that's wise enough to be rude
    With the knowledge like pac I'm a ticking time clock
    I'll spark the revolution and let yo death be the resolution
    You just like nonsense and pollution fuck ya feelin's nicca I'm shootin

    next weapon - a afro

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    take my natural to pick you with the comb i own using the fist to inflict the pull of tangles as i strangle the locks don;t dangle they get curled like jerry and tom is very the mouse when i dose the sheen to keep it clean don't want lice from that mice in the stle the sallon was doomed to be the hot fumes as the dryer made fire to cook the gel that i use to propel the danger of the anger guage bt the hanger of wigs from the blown curlers they rigged like bareetes to guess i wouldn't pin loke booby the brains come wrestling like squenchies get itchy from dan the gruff get puffed to cut the scalped like shred the alps with power from razor to better the lather close shave i gave all around the chaoir made spins and roills as rollers were coasters as ran the moose to coiff the peruse of juice when spruce it to deduce it the afro i let loose with from flash backs to davis the power drives like avis to angie the black is beautiful was heard as they laid baldhead on the curb as i remined them crazy ones from bob marley as song

    could be better - it sucks to me anyway

    n/w: a scarab
    Who be Whom

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    real isnt the word "nigga", silicone vocab
    slab of meat stab ya team wit the steel that pokes abs
    rohan king, sharpened blades starts to shave off ya flav
    toss ya slaves in a coffin grave, im off to rave!
    shaved chin ready to slay men the fresh way
    the goatee is so i can go to bk for the best lay

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    yo you forgot to leave a weapon
    Whether Im In The Streets Or Jamaica Resort
    Im Stay Doin Me Thats The Way I Was Taught
    Destined For Greatness Success Breeds Hatred
    I Can't See In The Hearts Of Men I Just See Paper

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    weapon i bring to slay like ass in sling be the crown royal scepter of a king to demolish as polish the grime that entwines the mind of enemies as a pleasure to disease like swiss to cheese plug the holes with ease filling the missing link to the god in man by think of whats there like atoms in air cause flare from solar the wisdom tooth be molar to chew the dumb like elephants i brung bsack the memories like cats i frisk thee to assult the frame that pictures them lame out of badsket next case the throne is forsaken off to the race fron rocker to clocker fuck meeting the frockers meet death save your breath the step to cuvre was well pasrt observe the notion like magic has potion i come like lotion to scramble emotions frying the egg while breaking the leg that inserts the squirt leaving the couple like jerks in the comotion i was home inside at peace with gods devotion

    n/w brimestone
    Who be Whom

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    your style comes small like zippo flint, mine's bringin fire and brimstone
    I'm stoned off off life, your gettin stoned just to ghostwrite
    gassed off the ghostweed you rhymed vs. me alone
    I slap u with my keyboard and tuck you in for the night
    turned out the light and fired up the sulfer for heat
    I've tightend up the room your sufficated dead meat.

    nw/ eraser

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    u kno if i had a digital eraser i would wipe away ya rymes/
    cuz to me it seems like a big waste of time/
    stick to ya day job makin nickels and dimes/
    cuz ull never make in this world kid, cant fuck wit mines/
    i bite off pencils and spit lead to ya face/
    u cant step to this cuz u on the lower level of a different place/
    theres no comparison in this battle slash race/
    rushin to win ya dignity back after i slapped you in the face/
    im a young kid but a o.g. to this forum/
    ill take ya weaknesses in verses then explore em/
    and nobody wants to hear ur wack rymes cuz u borin/

    n/w- x marks the spot
    "i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
    cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
    Follow me @SkiLLs456

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