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Thread: The official kill the guy above you thread

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    used the bell to swing a curve from the serve that left a bird shit staoin that entertains they brain life the toll i control to role the rigor on the figure like numbers to many put them to slumber trying to add be glad you stp at three after that you might see me at infinity the letter as well like better go tell who step in the wll trouble water like hell now heaVEN MAKING THE WORLD RISE LIKE LEAVEN THE YEAST RTHE COMERS GET BEAT LIKE BREAKS TAKE HIKES TAKE A WAKE TO THE GRAVE THE FUNERAL BE THE WAY PAVE WITH LAURELS THEY REST FROM FORLOUGH OFF PAROILE STILL AREEST THEY SOUL LIKE POLITICS THEY GET STRIP TO SEARCH THE PERP I'M KILL LIKE A LERCH TO SPRING UPON LIKE A RING THEY ALARM SMOKE'EM LIKE A CHARM THE BRACE LET IT GO TO WASTE LIKE HASTE I'M GONE KNOW WHATSAYING WHEN DEAD BY THE BOMB

    Who be Whom

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    Blickity blapity rappipty happily tragedy faggotry biggorty illiterate lame as shit legitamate its all the same, cuz div de la rev's flow is spare change, nothing to tote with a bag empty and a mind thats old, young bitch with school knowledge tryna pop shit, talk this science, spit that math, take this cash, nigga u cant flip them stacks, stick to the pro black latin white anglo movement, stick to peace and poetry groovin, sit ins with bitches hittin chicks thats half way dimes dumb in the mind, shift your shit take the change out your whip flip the shit, this kid im a flip, leave the hole where he landed as the evidence, its evident, im heaven sent, you sensless, call me penny and one im makin sense kid, you gettin traded as bulk weight, your game is pennies and nickles ya flows is bullshit this aint no nursery riddle, cry me a river little niglet better yet play me a fiddle and serve me my noodles yell toodles to this toddler softer than harry potter, throw on the glasses go to class come online an pretend he rap, you a slick cat but on the real youll get slit cat, with the shit that buck-50'd pacino in scarface, this kid got a glass jaw talkin hard mayn get scarred mayn, no gameplan straight came off the bench like the kid who autistic and left div da le rev looking like the pope after the grave diggin, get in where i fit in, where you fit in is with the rest of the loose dimes, think you spittin that real shit ill leave you noosed at the mind, i keep it real and spit ill cuz im from new york, you keep it bummy and crummy cuz you still use spare change to cop newports

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    I'll spread you like sparrow, what?! all on my steak!?
    with a rhyme like that, dude, how could you not be the mistake
    mistook misunderstood no comprende, you still can't understand?
    he was clownin on you dawg, you aint the fuckin man!
    with a 5piece band- lyrics on blast, you can't pump the tweeter
    I seen you in the corner with dude, talkin bout penis pumps and peters
    I'm #1 you #2 kissin Yankee's with derek jeter
    playin shortstop for Hideki man-suckin' in the bleachers
    queer as a two-dollar bill
    I hit the toilet, your rhymes made me ill
    Your styles changed, I had to smack you with that quarter bag and nickles
    Bought a dime bag, got high, saw the blood and I giggled
    Wrapped my sock round my wrist walked up within range.
    wiped the blood off your eye then whooped that trick with my spare change!

    ahahaha (whoop that trick, whoop that trick, whoop that trick, whoop that trick)

    nw/ hammer.

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    Fuck gats and blades I'm quick to bash my prey,
    With the hammer that Fensocket passed this way.
    It ain't rash to say that I'm a basket case,
    Leaving your fractures "compound" like acetate.

    Next weapon: Mic cord

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    with mic cords, i bring jews to exodus
    crippling opponents with back kicks from pegasus
    my right hand grips my mic whip so vigorous
    when i strangle ya and mangle ya juggular ya oblivious

    next weapon: Sythe
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    With a Psythe? or a SYTHE! I'm quick to stab/slice at your head
    for usin big words wrong online will leave your mind numb and dead
    chicks avoid you and requests to come sleep in your bed
    cuz you can't spell that instrument for mowin grass, grain or trimmin the hedge
    fucc a Saw, sithe, sythe or sickle, I pound sharps with my sledge
    I googled your weapon and brought down your IP Address
    Failure to connect to local network, shits bleepin/ "Dead Connection"
    you saw me outside slicin ethernet claimin Psythe!? intervention

    Next weapon: bigwheel truck

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    This ain't no standbox, I was born to break bones without the sticks or stones
    This rappin ain't for kiddies so take ur little ass home
    The deadly poems of ghost who roam from catacombs
    Be the curse ever worse more perverse than the first
    Your head burst right after you got spooked as fuck
    When I swung at your skull with that bigwheel truck

    n/w blow torch

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    I didn't even know Eric meant ghost
    fo real youz a white boi and it shows
    take a seat i'll show ya how real flow go
    scorch ya dome wit flames from a dame
    blow troch ya nutz wit words from tha game
    this is how we do get used to it ya style is lame
    I'll make it plain ups to the west and fuck the rest
    this the Aqueous and I shoot flames outta my breasts
    Im the bombest you just a pest get dead and put to rest
    Don't even cum back you embarrasing yaself I rename u tha elf
    Short ass niccas can't hang I brings tha pain white /black it's all the same.

    next weapon...huge buttocks

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    Holla At Your Girl, Get Out The Lighter.../
    The Whole World's Gonna Die When She Farts And I Fuckin Ignite Her

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    peace sicka, good to see you back god/
    i thought you pulled a black rob, disappeared from the ra dar/
    but anyway, now i see its time to pull out my ace card/
    you lit up the moon, only to get your face charred/
    i didnt have a weapon so i summoned all the souls out the graveyard/
    they surrounded you and pounded you like two fags who just heard a gay fart...

    i know stupid, just wanted to drop something quick..
    peace though sicka, good to see you in the temple again..

    nw.... killer apes

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    killer apes.. hmm.. this is going to be odd-

    I'm a monster, laced with jewels, I lash fools and hang with drippin wet bitches in hot summer pools
    I'm the best of the old, new and never been to- schools/
    got crews from the south to East- I'm a beast!
    10 chickens layin by my feet- at south beach/
    Born in FL/ but my head gently rests up in boston
    where I flatulate on suckers and pass out from baked bean exhaustion/
    you know the way my wind blows like a potion to your nose,
    *you've been defeated!
    while i rest in my crib with scattered chicken bone pieces/
    my hot sauce splatters on chicken batter while i flip from watchin batters swing at the WBC
    to my Planet of the Apes dvd- input three/
    no matter which tv source, HD, analog or 480p you a played out mc
    pants down on boogie nights- every viewer can see/
    whats that cheese on your dick? bitch, you got the monkey disease!
    could it be from when you tried to get between their big hairy knees
    humpin gorillas in the mist got killer apes on your scrotum
    stop the recording- this moaning and groaning got the homo monkeys glowing and I aint knowin what happens next but I'm sure its got somethin to do with you and hot monkey sex

    I'm vexed
    cant breathe
    why you got to do this to me
    postin killer apes on dart threads thought this was wu-killer bee's
    you disgustin
    lead me down the road like this
    its sick like the sixth sense or 7
    deadly sins, or five deadly venoms
    smash you in the chest with my fingers of death
    stop the verse now my figners outta breath

    next weapon: Hacksaw

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    yah you probably had to hear that to get the cadence

    yah, that or it sucked.

    whatver, I'm amused

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    not bad fen.. just tryin to make it interestin..

    i came laced wit a hacksaw for those who spit slack jawed/
    so back off before I hack off your little raps- soft/
    i use the blade to disconnect the cord from ya microphone/
    your bones get sliced like butcher knifes cuttin thru styrophoam/

    4 line bullshit... haha.. anyways..

    nw... the purest cain

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    i got a sword to rip this invincible armor//
    for starters ima harm this farmer with a hoe a invisuale barner
    a partner in crime with drugs indoor i slang//
    urethanein in ya vain//
    posion this hick with the purest of cain//..
    bust holes to fuck holes kill ya by damigen ur brain

    n/w.......visual hologram

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    Im an illusion to you just take it easy
    Im not really choking you It's all a fantasty
    This is a hologram fucking up yo visuals
    Im in your brain distorting yo mentals
    Yo mentality gets devoured like suhsi
    Im all alone with the power of my pussy
    I'll turn ya on with my verbal exstacy
    Turn ya off with a empty bottle of hennesy
    Bust it on ya dome and I'll feel no sympathy
    I'm killin ya with ya own illusions of supremecy

    Next weapon...Cancer
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