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Thread: The official kill the guy above you thread

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    aka echos
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    kid i'll stick the bones deep in ya eye sockets
    try n fight it you'll just struggle while i pocket
    said you was the nicest in the streets, pffft
    this god bitch made for real, isis for real
    i'll leave burn holes looking like your brain on e
    this moutherfucker needs to be trained on a potty

    next weapon - cd/s

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    SupaSelekta tekunique's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by sabinnchung
    kid i'll stick the bones deep in ya eye sockets
    try n fight it you'll just struggle while i pocket
    said you was the nicest in the streets, pffft
    this god bitch made for real, isis for real
    i'll leave burn holes looking like your brain on e
    this moutherfucker needs to be trained on a potty

    next weapon - cd/s
    glue crappy headphones permanently to ya earpiece
    loop 50's gay raps put on forever re-peat
    kill you slowly without layin a fuckin finger
    watch you turn suicidle from the wack beats that linger
    in ya head about to explode cant control nor tolerate
    slicin ya wrist with a broken cds but even your death procrastinates

    nw - hotsauce in your dickhole

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    This is Past "Crap" I got this Ass Crack's Back Snapped
    i bet u learn how ta Act Chap, da Axe Attacks, and Slaps Wacks
    Clash Class, Glass Shatters, Fast Smacks ta these fans of rat packs
    shoplift souls as the plot gets old, as i spit hot sauce down his eshapagus
    n' Dickhole, it Slips slow and drips mold all i needed was one Swift Blow

    N/w: Tweezerz

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Lemme hit em with a final blow,
    ya kno...a crowd pleezer //
    i pierced his fuckin throat wit a pair of rusted tweezers//
    He pleaded for me to let go, I popped his adam's apple//
    it sounded like i cracked the lid of an old bottle of Snapple//

    lloll Tweezers...good one gave me a run for my skill
    Hit me up on my Topic "36 Chambers" here in the Temple of Dartz

    Next Weapon: Arm & Hammer Deodorant
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    I'm just a fuckin' genius like you all, with empty head - bullet hole/
    Ain't some stupid, sophistic in my soul, have shoulders with the ball/
    Try to fuck aruond my terrain walls, ya thin dick will occur under my steamroll/
    Called tongue, the strongest muscle of all, will make ya life the endless crawl/
    In front of my skateshoes you'll lick shitty soles, you'll gormandize my werd flow/
    Into your head of my mouth hole, crap about you, ya family and all ya crew, where I've dove/
    My suggestion to you - hide and fuck in the bushes, till ya dick flushes/
    Look around, nowhere to hide - It's me - the butcher who mashes and crushes/
    Your holy ground - pride and patience, maybe I'm too good from the first blush/
    Maybe you're too asinine to admit my mind, but I'm yellin' to your leaky ear cush'ion/
    I live like I must - no fuckin' emigrant, but rappin' to you, fucked up blunt/
    My last smell advice - you stink like shitty elephant, you'd better use the "Arm & Hammer Deodorant"!!!/

    N/W = dependability
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    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    Veteran Member denaturat's Avatar
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    yo ,what the fuck? did yo keys gets stuck?
    sticky from beatin da dick non stop
    you raps provokes epileptics
    you flow ain't fat, but needs to get anorexic
    like a vexed dislexic talkin hectic
    cut and pastin random phrases
    you stay trapped in a retarded maze
    I write "dependability" on yo crooked face
    and dropped yo ass off at that rucker park place

    n/w chinese vase

    the obstacle is the path

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    I always love quality, but It's the exception/
    I see ya quantity, but It's the fuckin' crap session/
    Thoughts in ya shit-bucket are vanity, just ya poor possesion/
    You should use smart brutality, LESS handjob obssesion/
    I feel ya blue hospitality, but I'm straight and minded to aggression/
    Fo ya stupid head - here's my clarity, I'm ya live underground station/
    Precipitating you on the ground, giving the gravity of MY word-flow space/
    Just try to keep up after me, feel the agony, reach the word-sword harmony, let's finnish this case in ya face!/
    Hear my shout, fucka! FINAL SMACK! - you're breakin' like a frail chinese vase/

    n/w: bird
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    Yo, ya ain't worth killin, so I'll just flip ya da bird/
    Kinda like ya ain't talking, but ya still sound absurd/
    Yo' random shit is flamin', so ya look like ya burnt/
    Clean up dat garbage like ya wipin' a turd/

    Yo' tag say 'legalaizz kanabyzz,' but ya oughta stop smokin/
    I hear ya mouth gabbing, but ya just sound like ya jokin/
    Word-sword harmony? Homey, ya fuckin' bore me!/
    Quit the medieval-times talk, that shit's kinda corny/
    Da 7 suns crew, this one time I'll talk to you/
    Give up the shit before I get upset and run ya thru/

    Back to that middle finga, cuz it deserves ta be heard/
    Peep every knuckle, bitch, as I flip ya da bird...

    n/w realness

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    Hey, junior member! Just one fuckin' post more than you/
    Livin' in da village i guess without feed and ain't crew?/
    Mc amateur, If you're tryin' to use this technique - screw you!/
    It's not killing from above, just layin' bricks, bumbling "Moo".../
    New, fresh blood is... sssso warm, look around: me or you, who???/
    Don't say lies about me, try to say something true/
    Some facts, not shit of ya imagination - I ain't gonna drop my cue!/
    Just write some true words like what is my drawback issue/
    Or why are you so willing to lose yaself, you've lost the clue/
    You'll have to do better than that - all combinations I knew/
    Run away, chicken, fix ya golden teeth with Supa Glue/
    I'm ya distant dream, C.R.E.A.M., ya radio-beam, death witness/
    Some engine steam to ya scream, in the nightmares, sleepless/
    Fo ya stupid effort of calling the Grim with ya rhymes of sweetness/
    Now I'm really fucked up and I'm not kidding, It's not illness/
    Just some stupids singing 'bout me, "killing", soon they'll be scared shitless/
    It's just the uprising, silence before the storm, silent winding, I'll show the realness.../

    Nex werd: chopper
    Fucking funny hat I wear, I didn't bought It I swear!

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    Wu-Tang Soul Menace
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    i have done visited the 7th sun i traveled to the 9th moon
    destroyed the opposition and the above racoon
    they called me a loon the boy is catastrophe
    killed with my own hands they said "Atrocity"
    at high velovity ran over his body the punk was still live
    even after he seuffered pain in the temple aka beehive
    but choped him slowy one breath left in soon to be cadaver
    ran him over wit my chopper now grim comes as the caller
    no hollers no moans i sealed his mouth
    Rock non only killed him but ate his soul, cause thats what is all about

    n/w- cocoa butter

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    Oh, snap, should I be scared? I mean, "RockD in the house!"/
    What was that shit, dawg? Ya sound like a mouse!/
    Sure, ya posted like 300 but ya still be strugglin/
    Too many syllables, like a clown ya be jugglin/
    But no mo' flow diss, just kiss ma ass and don't mutter/
    My co-co butter gum up ya lips and make a ya stutter


    N/w paperweight

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    Veteran Member denaturat's Avatar
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    paper weight for light weights
    I go off on da press cause he don't fly straight
    crooked ass internet hookin'
    but on da street da clown's all downward lookin
    fuck wastin a nine on a fly
    newspaper guy pinned with paperweight dies

    n/w fiberoptics

    the obstacle is the path

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    Yo, this dude's got me figured like I'm a crook/
    He right, I'm respected, don't catch dirty looks/
    My ass get kissed so much I don't need toiletpaper/
    I write in blood, bitch, don't need an eraser/
    Ma backspace key only be gatherin' dust/
    I'm so fly on the pages, I got da street's trust/
    I dominate everything y'all read, hear and watch/
    One shot, one kill but no nine by my crotch/
    I choke ya with optic fiber, now it's tough ta breathe
    Ya strugglin' like some atheists tryin ta believe/

    n/w Casio watch

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    Born out of The End
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    i run up in your crib grab your casio while you sleepin
    rig some C4 to detonate when its beepin
    you wake up up in the mornin and strap it on your arm
    first thing you do is set the alarm
    you gotta get home by six for the laker game
    kobe vrs. nash all the fast breaks and take aways
    you coolin with your homies steady chillin with your brothers
    then when six rolls around you blow the roof off that matherfucker

    next:severed head

    I roll around with my window tint darkened/
    Now they're runnin outa room on the back of milk cartons
    -The Mantis
    Quote Originally Posted by 89vision
    Wack MC's are fun
    Quote Originally Posted by monk2517
    You Rascal

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    she was prayin for a miscarriage, moms shouldve said fuck tha c section,
    entire life fulla lies and misconceptions
    fuckin mistake, killin ya ass only thought of correction
    shouldve severed ya head long time ago, this dude was a ugly kid not to mention
    parents raised ya wrong life headed in wrong direction
    pops only thought about what he was catchin, burnin hot piss dick drippin
    couldnt believe he got caught slippin', u came out lame and lippin
    u was born outta tha end, on tha low prolly fuckin wit men
    stuk sodomy a sin, gettin stuk by ya next ta kin, sad misshappin

    word: arm and hammer
    Dinerio and Real Will

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