update: bells of death

pretty dope flick..its a sword flick
some limbs falling off here and thier
the story is good..and the sword fights are good

wish it was a lil longer to show the training but never showd any tranning

its about a guy who comes home after work and finds his fam dead and one sister is kidnaped
so he go's out to find them but ends up finding a old guy killing off some guys and follows him to be his student
so it skips the training and go's strait to him finding the 3 guys who killed his fam....
in the act of finding the first guy he also revenges the death of this girls father who he just saved from a brothle,....witch killed her father ...
so she follows him throue out the flick
ends up killing the other guy in the next town
with a sword fight were a candle tip is ballenced on th sword

first to drop it throws down his sword,,,,haha

good guy wins ...

so he go's to another town finding the last guy but is clever cuz the guy is in jail so he kills 4 guys he over heard talking about the guy he is looking for is going to break out of jail so he kills them and ends up in jail with this guy
pretends to be his friend and excapes with him..at his place him and his sister meet but dont say any thing she runs off crying ..and now the bad guy knows somethings upo

so after killing about 100 guys he finaly kills his man but in the act the bad guy kills is remaining fam meber his sister
so now the good guy and the chick he saved run off and have a happy life

i giv this a 4.5

def a shaw brother feel to it
as it is a shaw flick made in the 60's