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    "why do you think its overated elaquent? id say its on the same level, maybe better than his other flicks
    yall know anything about john saxon and jim kelly?"

    glad u asked that. let me break it down for u..plot was uninteresting and corny to me..tried to rip of james bond or something. theres no emotional element to the film, i didnt care about any character in that movie aside from bruce...and its only cuz its bruce. the fights dont compare to his HK films, and the only fight i liked is his fight wiht bob wall (ohara). and the underground fight. everything else was crap. but it was cool seeing bruce having a sparring match with sammo hung in the beginning. pacing is slow as shit, and i fell asleep like 3x b4 watching the first real fight scene. lost count of the amount of plot holes, and the endfight just sucked. i did like jim kelly's one liners tho. bottom line, enter the dragon's legacy only lies in the fact that its Bruce Lee IMO...substitute bruce lee with, lets say, Jack Long or anybody else, and i guarantee u nobody would give a shit. i dont think its a bad film, its ok at best...but when ppl call this the "greatest kf movie of all time" it just confuses me. Fist of Fury aka Chinese Connection had a much tighter story, better acting, and the fights were more interesting to me at least. it was bruces best all around film. Way of the Dragon had a simple, but effective story, and easily the best action out of all of Bruce's movies. big boss had a better than avg plot, and bruce was just cool as ice in it. for a movie which is supposed to be the 'best in the genre', it was very disappointing to me. sorry for the rant haha

    john saxon didnt do many martial arts films as far as i kno...i kno he did some other b movies. if he did more kung fu flix, i dont kno about them. as for jim kelly, he did a few...check out Tattoo connection, co starring Tan tao liang. its a decent film, but its cool seeing him in an asian film. he was also in a movie called black samurai i think...i dont remember it much, but i remember it being a fun film...he did some blaxploitation i believe.
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