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Thread: This is bullshit

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    KRS One doesn't want his fans to buy the latest album...

    KRS-One warned fans that the album Koch has released is unfinished. The label decided to remove a tribute song to Jam Master Jay as well as other songs and guest appearances by Dirt McGirt (formerly known as Ol' Dirty Bastard) and others. The label also incorrectly labeled the album Kristyles instead of The Kristyle (an acronym for "To have everything, keep radiating in sprit through your love everyday.") "This is insane, this is insane, this is so egregious, this is so devious, they don't have the full album," KRS explained. "They have stuff that I wasn't even putting on the album. I have no idea what's on the album [Koch put together]. I don't know what the artwork looks like, I don't know what the album credits look like, I don't know nothing. What they did was go behind my back and release the album. I got word just in the nick of time last week. I got my legal team together and we slapped them with a court order to cease the distribution and the pressing and manufacturing of this album."

    Despite KRS' efforts, Kristyles had already been shipped out and is being sold by some stores. KRS-One said he's still working on his album, which he plans on calling The Kristyle. "This ain't about no money, this ain't about me not selling a record, this is about principle. We cannot allow these record companies to dictate to us how we are going to present hip-hop to the world." He said the last conversation he had with Koch was sometime in early May, when he and the label discussed pushing the album back from its June 24 release date because issues had to be resolved concerning the LP's press campaign, the video shoot for a first single and a photo shoot for the album's packaging.

    KRS-One said the album he's still working on could be released as soon as the next few weeks. He plans to sell it...on his summer tour of the West Coast and Midwest. He also plans to make the LP available for download.... "I don't need my fans to buy my music," he explained. "My music is free, basically. I appreciate when people buy my music, but I'm not going to sit here while some company rips my fans off.

    eXtRa MiC's Thoughts'
    Respect goes out to 'KRS' for doing this , Not really a big fan but that just proves to me KRS is into Quality Not Quantity! Some rappers should take lessons from him!

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    Thats always been KRS-One, I like how he's been true to his word for so long....

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    That's Crotch Records for you..

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    mad props to KRS-one for not letting record companies dick him around.
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    ya that is bullshit what they did to krs i hope his full album comes out soon

    still standin tall

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    here in europe koch released an album called "kristyles" about a year ago.
    i have to say it is quite dope but i dunno if it is the same krs-one is talking about.
    in the credits of that album it says choco did a lot of the recording even in 36 chambers studio.

    hopefully krs-one will find a correct label to put his shit out.

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