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Thread: Did u know that Gza was inspired to write "Breaker Breaker" by a book?

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    Default Did u know that Gza was inspired to write "Breaker Breaker" by a book?

    The Gza's song was inspired by a book titled " The Art of Wordly Wisdom" by Balthasar Gracian. This book contains 300 maxims or wise sayings that can help one through life. It is very helpful to read this book.

    Other people have been inspired by this book as well. The author of " The 48 Laws of Power" has based a significant part of his book on "The Art of Worldly Wisdom".

    Any one who has not read this book should check it out.

    So first:

    1) I will show the Lyrics to Gza's song "Breaker Breaker" and bolden and highlight the parts which were inspired by the Book.

    2) After the lyrics, I will show the exact parts of the book in bold and highlight and the link to show that the song was truly inspired by it.

    The parts from the book will be in the same sequential order as Gza has stated them in his rhyme.

    Breaker Breaker

    by GZA

    album: Beneath The Surface (1999)

    [Chorus: GZA]
    Breaker, breaker, one nine,
    clear the lineCan you read me?
    Extorted your rhymes
    MC's should expect the worst
    I stay alert and shoot first

    This is not a test,
    it's difficulty
    Picture closely,
    the ignorant mostly
    Blind, deaf, dumb, your mind left numb
    Lost soul who failed to hear the roll of the drum
    In the bottom of your bomb shelter, still felt the
    heavy blast that blew off the masks of twelve welders
    The math of an elder, praise the Lord - thank you Genius
    Operation: Project English
    Commander-n-chief of flight style, check the aircraft
    Glide like the frisbee, Digi look Disney
    To check fault in oneself is pure loveliness
    You break the mirror that remind you of your ugliness
    So when I bust, no one is untouched
    Some returning with the mic clutched, like such
    who plan but never execute
    He had the heat in his hand, but yo he didn't shoot
    Therefore; your mechanism of material better be sickly
    or let your lead spread incredibly quickly
    I move bravely, travellin on a horse
    on the battlefield, surrounded by the lost
    of those who plotted with the brains of animals
    My high molecular structure be untangible
    The name ring a bell, killable two syllable
    The Wu is comin through, the outcome is critical
    To be blunt, the beef was cooked up like coke goods
    The rhyme first came to me in the oak woods
    Up to no good, rap icon
    "Milk" the industry like the Wall Street junk bond
    You see the bright stone, I got your height sewn
    Direct current, that move through the mic-phone
    Key contributor, well known major factor
    Rhyme distributor, the drive of a tractor
    who run ya down if you don't wanna move or wanna linger {*echoes*}

    Chorus: repeat 2X

    The immortality of my fame is the measure of other's torture
    Burnt offer, from a flamin author
    The falconer who flies enough birds for the chase
    Strictly excel in what is excellence with grace
    The significance was not the vulgar applause of interest
    but the feelin that exit, completion of a sentence
    With age and experience, my reason ripens
    I strike on you Vikings, slash like a hyphen
    If you enter the house of fortune by the gate of pleasure
    You will leave by sorrow, the flow measures
    everything fails with the unfortunate
    Learned that recordin it, so my mind broaden it
    Track records, ranks us, with the exceptional
    Extreme complex physics, high technical
    The truth is usually seen and rarely heard
    What's more dangerous than hatred, is the word
    You wild cards, Jack of all trades
    Those who parade their positions, show their Spades
    A large flock of MC's, they figure to be taught
    It ain't hard to see why I'm vigorously saught

    Chorus: repeat 2X
    [Outro: GZA]Breaker, breaker, one nineBreaker, breaker, one nine

    Now for what parts inspired him:

    Maxim # 237 -- Never share the secrets of your superiors. In this maxim, on the 4th line, it is stated: Many break the mirror that reminds them of their ugliness. This is open to a few interpretations.


    Maxim # 53 -- Be diligent and intelligent.Diligence promptly executes what intelligence carefully thought through. Haste is the failing of fools - they know not the obstacles and set to work without preparation.


    Maxim #162 -- How to triumph over your rivals and detractors. On the 9th line in the link to this paragraph it says: The immortality of his fame is the measure of the other's torture.


    Maxime #58 -- Adapt yourself to those around you. On the 4th line it says: The skillful falconer only flies enough birds to serve for the chase.


    Maxim # 59 -- Finish off well.On the 3rd line it says: You ought therefore to think of the finish, and attach more importance to a happy exit than to applause on entrance.


    Maxim # 60 -- Have sound judgement. On the 3rd line it says: With age and experience their reason ripens, and thus they attain a sound judgement


    Maxim #59 -- Finish off well. Gza uses another quote from this maxim that says:In the house of fortune if you enter by the gate of pleasure you must leave by that of sorrow, and vice versa.


    Maxim #163 -- Never - out of sympathy with the unfortunate - involve yourself in their fate. Gza did not use this one line for line, but he still was inspired by it.


    Maxim #61 -- Excel in what is excellent. Starting at the third line it says: Eminence is some distinguished post distinguishes one from the vulgar mob and ranks us with the exceptional.


    Maxim #80 -- Take care when you get information. On the 3rd line of the paragraph, it says: The truth is generally seen, rarely heard.


    Maxime # 85 -- Do not be a wild card, a jack-of-all-trades. The Gza used this one


    So there u have it. If u want to read the whole book that inspired the Gza, go here:

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    Damn! Good shit homie! That's very interesting. (kill the bocott bullshit)

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    thanx for the link

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    shit, i completely missed the significance lol.

    thanks for sharing this.

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    Damn good find and thread diggy...very very interesting...one of my favorite GZA songs...gonna have to look into this a bit more...I rarely mosey into this forum...glad I did today. Thanks

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    Cool find

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    nice thread jackage

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    Jacked or no, thanks for postin'! I love findin' out this sort of stuff. I'd never heard of the book before, so you helped a lot, cheers!

    Brad Strut
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