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Thread: Other Than Ghostface.....

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    If we're talking about as far as putting out good albums Im sorry but not a damn one of them is consistent and that includes both this website's golden boys Ghost and GZA.

    GZA has

    Liquid Swords- classic

    Beneath the Surface- no LS but pretty good

    Legend of the Liquid Sword-

    Ghost has

    Ironman- classic

    Supreme Clientele- classic

    Bulletproof Wallets- bad more the labels fault than Ghosts but still bad

    Pretty Toney- weak ass, corny shit

    So yall can get wet to Pretty Toney and LOTS and each camp accuse the other of being dickriders, but for me you have one album is R&B night at the karaoke bar, and the other is a sleeping pill. Peace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pussy-with-teeth
    and his verses on wu records aint all that great imo too..
    he aint dropping much verses...and sometimes they suck...like on triumph...dude broke the whole flow of the song ...
    fag, his versus was supposed to be like that, he was spitting prophecy, not rhymes, prophecy, you tell me which is iller, The cat in the hat or Jesus.

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