first.....where's mayoya an when's he getting back?.....

second.....tell those kids to quit fuckin net beefing,...they're in the iggy bin an they still wont shut up...I cant read your post's so dont bother sharing em'

make benben/big ben a battle mod...he's fair as hell and cool with everyone.

next forum crash is gonna be tha bomb, sign up, ima start the thread.

oh yeah, i forgot,...anyways...oh yeah, ban my enemies, u know who be plottin my downfall an shit.

get that "latest post shit' for the homepage and get some new songs to download . I hate that spotlite pop-up.

once again, where's mayo?

who's ferry?

sticky the blackbook, its a must have on any forum.

if u can do graffiti, pm me, i gotta job for u.

if u in queens, pm me, i gotta job for u.

thats the week, cyaaaaaa