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    Yo main I believe in God but damn back then if u read the bible at some points God was punishin cats for simple things like theft an sleepin round wif a mans wife. So what does that mean for us, or people who sin an never confess. earth is weird beyond death is weird we done know what happens till we gone maybe nothin happens, maybe 2000 years ago the earth was so chaotic the bible was written to restore order an put fear into people. I mean I done do things cuz i have that fear in me from readin revelations.
    Walk In My Shoes, Hurt Ya Feet, Then Yall Gone Know Why I Do Dirt In The Street.

    "Shorty gimme more a u, ill take on 4 of u, plus 44 of the 48 laws for u"

    "The Future is a mystery, the past is history, today is a
    gift thats why its called the present"

    Um on 7 Mile Ridin fuckin Dirty

    Cass Corridor as well punk


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    just be your own god!

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