its a mixtape with track from fam like - trife, killah priest , prodigal , jojo pelegrino and raekwon... it's free internet release so i think i can give link to full album .

this album is waitin for download on for FREE.
for lazy gods ;] --> link -->

here's the tracklist:

01 730 intro

02 shinobi  the come up

03 joell ortiz  who better than me (simon vegas)

04 jojo pellegrino  change in the air

05 cuban link  time

06 kool g rap  playas play (scram)

07 diabolic  freestyle

08 shinobi  neva there (simon vegas)

09 joell ortiz  125 grams (the re-up) (killahertz) 

10 prodigal sunn  hiphopgame freestyle

11 killah priest  freestyle

12 raekwon, ill bill, and skam  thousand to m's

13 trife  sayin' it now

14 saigon  out in the park

15 tru life  can't see ny rap die

16 ecks  blood, sweat, and tears

17 joell ortiz and terminology  hiphopgame freestyle

18 littles feat. chinky  survival of the fittest 

19 godfather pt.3 feat. chinky and flame killah  son of a gun

20 shinobi  thug lyf

21 un  dangerous mind

22 wordsmith  gladiator games (sketchman)

23 va union  that's where it all goes down

24 copywrite  best-seller (jay dee)

25 big pro, trev munroe, syah lord - gritty music

26 354 feat. big cas  just one more time

27 shinobi  take me alive

old godz hear this track for sho' but maybe someone dont have something. IMO this mixtape is dope. nice compilation.....