from anyone who's either written or atleast attempted to write a book. I'd much rather perfer if it's for the perspective of writing fiction. I've wanted to get started on writing a book for a while now but was never quite sure where to start up until now.

I've realized the character I'll need to say what I wanna say and I've got what I think is a pretty solid paragraph done. That may sound kinda funny, "muhfucka you got ONE paragraph hahah" but its taken a LOOOONG time to realize where it should start and I feel like I'll be good from here on out but I'd still welcome any tips that people might have on keeping a solid pacing and keeping at it till the book is actually finished.

Any and all thoughts on the actuall process of writing is welcomed as well as any tips in regards to getting your work published as well.(and not getting screwed in the process)

peace fam