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bbm,..why cant u get fitter as u get older?
I mean, as you age your bodies metabolism, protein synthesis, testo levels, nervous system which aids recovery and shit like cuts etc; all declines. So as a boxer ages by a certain point which is different for every fighter depending on when they peaked, for example Tyson peaked at 25, Lennox Lewis 30, Hopkins 38 but mainly due to the years he missed etc; After that 1 fuckin point, you never gonna have the elements on your side, and your fitness levels are never gonna be as good as they were. So I dont mean your fitness cannot progress, coz if u been lazy when young but get a sudden hunger and fight the fitness you can get fitter - but not to peak level. Once thats gone, its all about heart, instincts, skill at yer craft, experience and determination. Sumtin I believe Roy however has more of than Tarver. Hopefully..... Peace.