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Thread: Ringo Starr - Beaucoups Of Blues

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    Default Ringo Starr - Beaucoups Of Blues

    1. Beaucoups Of Blues  
    2. Love Don't Last Long  
    3. Fastest Growing Heartache In The West 
    4. Without Her  
    5. Woman Of The Night 
    6. I'd Be Talking All The Time 
    7. $15 Draw 
    8. Wine, Women And Loud Happy Songs  
    9. I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way  
    10. Loser's Lounge  
    11. Waiting 
    12. Silent Homecoming 
    13. Coochy Coochy 
    14. Nashville Jam
    Having grown up with my dad's LP collection, I couldn't escape The Beatles.Pioneers in their own time, they set the bar for album release quality ever since the 60's.Innovative ( Sgt Peppers ) or downright funny ( Magical Mystery Tour ), The Beatles were the greatest pop band ever.The band called it quits in 1970 and after that we've gotten alot of solo albums from its former members.Now when we think of Beatles solo albums we ( or atleast I ) think Imagine and All Things Must Pass ( wich imo still stands alone as an alltime classic ).But we often forget the lowest profile member's solo carreer, Ringo Starr.This solo album was his second in a long history of solo releases.After his first album, Sentimental Journey, Ringo wanted a break from the "stereotyical" Beatles sound.When working with George Harrison on his classis All Things Must Pass album, Ringo met Pete Drake, whome Harrison had hired to play pedal steel guitar.Ringo had expresses desire to record a country single and asked Drake to collaborate sometime.Drake said that if he was up to it, he and Ringo should record a full country album.Drake had enough stuff lying around for Ringo to sing on.So Drake went back to the US, completed the songs and told Ringo to come over and sing his parts.The singing was recorded in just 2 days.After it's release it didn't meet expectations but critics were generally promising, saying that Ringo's voice suited the country style much better.Now about 37 years after it's release, it remains a classic imo, not All Things Must Pass classic, but nonetheless a classic.It's hard to find in stores now, but you can still get it over the internet.I reccomend this album to everyone who loves The Beatles as much as I do.

    2 samples :

    15$ Draw
    Beaucoups of Blues
    PS : If these reviews are liked, I'm thinking about making a weekly thread about albums I like from the classic rock era.
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    Yeah I'm a big Beatles fan and this album should get some love. Ringo is underrated.

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