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Thread: Black Knights, 71RAW, and Baretta 9 Interview

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    Default Baretta 9, Black Knights, & 71RAW interv audio

    I listened last night, that shit was raw! Here's a quick review, 71Raw first got on the mic and did the introduction. After that Anthai got on the turntables and was spinning nothing but wu joints, then Barreta 9 got on the mic along with the Black Knights, Anthai got back on the turntable and continued spinning. Then the cypher session by Black Knights, Baretta 9 and 71RAW, lasted about 30mins. Straight Outta Illvine radio show was hype. I heard about 5 wu songs that I've never heard before. But anyways if u didnt catch the show, u can listen to the entire show at www.71Raw.com u can get it there.

    That show was crazy, again big ups.

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    Default Re: Black Knights, 71RAW, and Baretta 9 Interview

    anyone else download this?

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