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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHEEPISH LORD OF CHAOS View Post
    You ain't screaming Willie Beaman in the stands your a leader of MEN
    Your the freaking Quarterback, start acting like one/
    when Iím scrabbling like Donavan McNabb,
    throw out cha challenge flag/
    trying to tackle me like Mike Vick
    you ain't spitting shit when I come in style and eclipse the sun/
    you can be flawless yet no ring like Dan Marino
    or you can go to encino like Steven Young and win four passing titles/
    thinking you can rival rhyme marvel hating hard
    I can M-V-P your team just I am not Tom Brady/
    you can Matt Schaub your mob in every Texan Game
    I'm J-E-T Joe Namath, making predictions, then they come true/

    show me the cash before i spazz trick the Jedi mind like Vinnie Paz
    eyes low spinning grass or swindiling bags
    Dude with the mask to splash his chin on the crash
    you die flying the Delta explosive landing
    my doses slamming another marley smoker jamming
    Jamacia dime ramming break em in standing
    On the balcony greet em with wounds to the knee's
    Another empire built off a crime spree my mind's free
    devoted to throwin' darts to puncture hearts accepting no pleas
    Snow falling pass the ski's clear mountains at ease
    Headed east to finish the scroll uncontrollable hip-hop fetish feast
    we bad weather the beast dead where they sleep popped head on the sheets
    Still live coming with the ill vibe my heathens will ride
    the price don't matter to splatter a bladder
    Had you fooled wool covering eyes government lies
    Red rockets to bloody skies sniper pride
    priveliged to blast ski with the masks
    if i don't escape incinerated fast
    Stop the running, fumes, and gas
    finish half a verse then it's resealed in my stash
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    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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