Slang bang the beat; rip the wax chin strapping the taxes
You maxing out credits I edit leaving more in debt than in credit/
Vet it never rated cream pie outwardly lied thru ya teeth
I feel ya beef roast emcees like lunch meat, get cha two pieced
Who’s going to be a beast when ya just bleeding with ya knuckles bruised/
Used up ya flames open gates cautionary tales vibrant whales get scaled twisted ties dipped out flies get frozen when they seen like I spied, know how I rhyme it down to a science looking like kitchen appliances, trying to remain defiant/
Never reliant on operation parameters vehicular man-slaughter author daughters by how carve out cha boarders, know how to graffiti, sticks in slums see some crumble under the ruckus they knew they couldn’t mess with the organics/
Why panic when you fully metallic trying pedal to the mental when you’re just metal piece, beast wise fire fly iron tide seen thru natures ides/
Dried tears veered off roads, drove more miles than toads crossing
Foster fits trying grip more mitts than naps in the sack when I rack a pack/
Jack a clock timed out cha fastest pace wasted been hipped to swordsmanship
Checking the boards piecing these cats like pawns in my cipher/
Switching stances knighted romance dimed out dirks
Know ya get jerked outta dirt convert cha ops to rocks and pebbles
Now ya caving in more caverns than mouths got cavities, rapidly ripping/
Sick teeth fifther split wigs down the slides found fries in places only visited in narrow spaces, in cases I mason those with a bet cha won’t find ether/
Preach on featured on greats gripping classic comical armed mechanized
Checking times in the wild when those were wise by how I was ioned/