dark matters get scattered once i start my chit chatter
gather light and disperse across the universe
from before, hence forth and hereafter
splatter subparticles when i spray without delay
cause havoc on prodigies who are suspect gay
deluxe juxx with steel nun-chucks be the forte
Son Ray blind guys engulfed in my dope crochet
clay animation hate-ians be debatin' on my existence
not a genie but a G with a hollow bottle
ready to make it happen if you rub me with persistence
found senseless if ignorance you rep when puffin' the piff
considered a hostel if you don't acknowledge the gift
nggas get David Blaine'd when that THC invades my brain
Criss Angel couldnt get even float out my scope the aim's insane
told you cosmonauts spot the design when dimensions i climb
before the age of nine i inhaled the sands of time
and while spinnin' been spittin' that God Cipher Divine...