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i eliminate teams like the red sox the baddest out the batters box
since ortiz. rocking champion tee's long sleeved
believe it or not like rigley's it's a rigged league
never letting pig's breathe clap those pig feet
your boys basically lost like mr. cheeks
i'm out for happiness, and love peace
smart and street the first thug geek

You donít know how I get back into the whip
Pit bulling Iím dogging out beats like you leaving the streets alone/
Freeze foam domes get shown out
Homes you ainít truth in the booth/
Youíre just another proof showing and proving
Is like lying and still losing pretend cha winning/
Get gin and juiced get roistered spit more 16ís than a niche
Ask your bitch my heats strikes out more batters than Casper the ghost/
Streaking freaking in the morning
Bring it too ya like another suicide bombing/
I ainít harming anything with words
Flip you the bird, Iím a ghost whoís walking
Hang you by ya Hanes no games, no gains/
Get off your social platform
Hateful capsules masterful/
Plaster faster blade castrate cha lames
Dig your own graves just know
Iím already saved and just misbehaved
Jumping into crowds is like mosh pitting
With a spike bat like Super Dave/
I can masquerade acrobatics
Leave you cut down like the latest cuts on the radio now
Now everything get chopped and slopped/
My skills be screwing get off your soap box
I roast your minds like another lock picked/
Always been a bottle away from exploding all over the tracks
Attack of the shows, get shown on basic you ainít just time wasted
Your just kicking generic facts I can reenact and jack off the internet/