My scriptures thicker than the yakuza and g.d.'s combined
this ain't no maybach music more like hip-hop columbine
so watch me sky-rocket after I puff the fiyah in my pocket
not monch but the pharaoh's desire u can't stop it
See the door like a arm-less man u can't knock it
this is a chemists chemistry largest mental tree in the galaxcy
hidden in the Oregon trail is where they found ya peeps
slain while fast a sleep the death of me will make my followers weep
As angels tears fall from heaven I sold the powder to the reverend
speeding from the pigs in reverse as they try to make my wig burst
bust off in my queens snatch as she squirts on my shirt
fuck the law i'm bringing order the most rawest recorder and teleporter
Remembered for my uncanny, and unorthodox auroa