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Bring the beast, feast off the pain
Bust through the grain, touch my lane
Sucker punching those in the throat/
While they be skyping away
While they be typing away
While they be writing away/
Get dismayed, I toy with getting paid
Shown shattering shins battling skins
Peeping through the lens is how I past ya in the rear view/
Skip through the logic, I can polish it like timberlands
I flip those a lil, speak allot, drop a hat/
Coat tails approaches dosage be how I roast ya
Coast through bad news, catch more in the rear views
Secret sect, induct iron out cha ducks/
Pluck through the winds, spit heat in the wind
Burn your faces, waste laces like basket cases/
Face driven given livers for living the high life
Strike outta fear fuck a fake news caster
I past cha faster than the flash vs road runner/
Stone cold stun ya my flow never a flubber
I bust out in a blubber of laughter/
Gas ya full laughing gas just cuz you ainít past class
Past April foolís get cha school well enough
I donít need logic, Iím lyrically already gifted/
Applied to more colleges and boarding schools
Than collages on the walls of the white house/

Used to sip the balentine drunk days pissing on my valentine
Back in 99 years later still getting mine
Fine women defined by actions fighting to cut the club line
As I perform my poetry form entices dimes without nickels to get clothes torn
roll up your pennies cash em in get new gear robbed her man for the white rocks in his ears
while he was tipsy , pissy, in the stall of two pitches of beer
hear my excursions nice of the bourbon drunken methods
catching a beating like dissing o.d.b. at a wu-show
your chains glow and attract robbers, and detectives
2 chainz snatched fast as a spin of a record
reckless living and driving we surviving and vibing
You settle to be a failure for not even trying
the kick-back from the god-u will lay down a lion