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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Pound the terrain guage his brain brainiac slain
    Expose the membranes embrace cane hit em with flames
    Rain dropping for days tears shed for the departed unchartered brave hearted heathen demon on narcotics
    On those Pryor rocks deathrow squads hire retired cops
    That clash like white and blacks it's a color war to the stop
    Segregation never stopped it hid it's face low key place
    Cops shoot the unarmed no luck in a charm I carry firearms
    Bust shots when alarmed fire hits the eyes
    Near demise where my freed soul flies
    From off the plantation birthed nations
    More imminent than the topic of immigration
    Pretty woman call rape to pay rent and car notes sniffing that hard dope nose bloody
    No buddy wants smoke I shine sapphire and step on them like ghetto coke

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    Iím snake plissken with a biscuit
    Rip through the verbal in your cerebral
    Cereal in the milk make your brain tilt
    Phillips screw drive
    Mind dive Ghost in the shell
    Put down your sword
    Check the board
    Relay switches pick glitches
    Rebel stickers on my victims
    Kick stand them
    Bike mikes write lights
    Fire fights
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    A terror living chalice smoking in the palace prison my rawest edition rendention reminiscent of a prism vision optics and optical protocol to blow the wall
    Premiered at the theatre my theatrics slashed and splashed bashed n smashed opposition proper proposition sitting in my room getting blown by a thick ebony
    a century existing spitting when will be the end of me generated generations wrote the revelation defeated a few times tilni crafted grafted infinite design
    Shine in the shrine remember me as a fetus fueled with fire sent to orion shining star greeters

    My evidence, my own testament, written on wood
    Twelve tribes layin at the head of corners in hoods
    Hell razah

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    Control the troll by trolling where he strolls head split optimos
    Pop the hoes hole bruise control bust off slow optics glow
    You can't boogey with the man hit your nuts with a frying pan
    Your bitch won't be quiet flying hand bestdowns at the beach head in sand
    Redden the land heavy blams nasty hams your shitting stinking up stalls
    In your stomach works and all I get paper final call vinyl raw
    My dimes a doll face big tits fat ass slim waist she's never late
    Laugh out loud cannon clears crowds and sends rappers to the clouds
    Frame under earth shit in your hearse I'm worse than outlawed electric chair executions smoking life's like multiple drug distribution charges
    Leaving fiends smoked out like the debarges degrading artists

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    I rock the higgs boson
    With the mercantile exchange on
    Battling in the rain, hail, sleet and snow
    on top of the Village Hidden by the Rain
    taking on the likes of PAIN and Obadiah Stain
    it’s morphing time
    “back to action”
    Check the fandom’s reaction
    To the Zack Snyder realism
    Catch my color pallet tea time in Dallas
    Next to the palace
    Deadly with the valence
    Vaillant defiance my type of alliance
    Sight beyond sight like the sword of omens
    Crows flows in blown thrones in
    Making them rivers run a cup over
    Lines get thrown in and thrown over
    Grapple hooks with massive cooks
    Book now rooks capture queens
    Leave the regime fallout
    Best through the portal
    Remain immortal immoral
    Imperfect like all-purpose kit
    Fixing to be fit liken licks grip spits
    So don’t rift a lift graph some shit
    On tops of it
    Let me show ya how to rip
    A tiger from godzilla’s mouth
    I’m mutated king kong
    Bring bong bong’s
    Making minds pop like the thong song
    Play gravel pit from u-god’s verse
    Reherse the verse laser murks
    Feel me like I got quarks
    Know how I morph
    I make you dwarf in comparison
    So you don’t compare son
    I’m nicer than rican’s speaking timex cheat sheeting
    Read my blinkers hit cha with shrink gun
    I’m cold as ice plastered on walls that nice

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    Not sheepish but I too am cold, Yeti on Mt. Everest stronghold
    Richard Kuklinski brain freeze that’s why subzero water in veins
    I pen pads till they leak like heavy periods of monthly menstrual
    Quentin Tarantino rapacious inclinations for violence portrayals
    Graphic imagination foresees darker tomorrows, hollow sorrow
    John Wayne Gacy ill mentality blurs lines between fiction/reality
    Genovese crime family integrity dirty as laundered mafia money
    Tony Scagnelli Jr. in American Me type of rape-revenge fantasies
    Factions of inhumanity have come to the fore, unrepentant gore
    Torture porn, cortex in brains gorged first while they’re still warm
    Been ready for war like Afghanistan rebels with grenades in hands
    Hollow points directed at knee joints, exterminated pivotal points
    John Dillinger with hot lead in multiple chambers of eager cylinder
    Sins roam like wild buffalos, rap OJ in Ford Pinto instead of Bronco
    John Elway accuracy when heat sprays, pugnacious days displayed
    The feeble-minded obliterated, bulletproof mic booths annihilated

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    It's hideous how cowards hid from us radiant skull crush on the tour bus before the gun bust trust a chosen few that'll unload on you mammal with ammo in the ghetto zoo beat em blue for the cheese and dip for the pigs scream freeze
    No need to be alarmed as we pop the trunk and throw out bodies
    Shorties serial scratched armed up like insurgents in Iraq
    Hacks through backs of new jacks who stand tall as Shaq screaming like cats
    Thrown in water sergeant of the slaughter charges multiple Manslaughter's
    For the big bank roll out the big tank machine gun cleared the planks
    Y'all were hiding behind praying to the saints for victory just a sad story
    Thats gory as child's play the disturbed renegade who violently vented his rage

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    My rangers morph into power vital damage damn man clams turned to chowder
    Gun and my powder finesse hour minus the gorge you die being curious like monkey George gang vs. Gang war warlord machine gun sports
    Interaction with Thor hammer blessed bare chest no vest
    Missiles fired death compound's turned to rubble a ruin mess
    Tests I've passed from s.a.t. to the ave crab in the barrel blast
    The ones on top fall to the bottom played out like old guitars
    Broken down like cars shineless stars unaligned so far
    Who gives a fuck besides the prostitutes turned you mute
    Open door thrown through your own disowned you
    Sadly to say the dog had it's day grieving by the ashtray
    Remembering the money days blasting incarcerated scarface
    You was chefing in the kitchen thinking you was Rae
    FAM killers like gambinos young Bambinos
    All with your Gringo's getting money was the lingo
    Mami chulo left you for a dealer big wheeler know you living single

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    I’m from a city where snitches end up in bloody ditches
    Profound murderous contemplations become relentless
    Fiendish fetishes deadly as rigor mortis, felonious status
    Lone wolf ravenous, predatory advances of ISIS hearses
    Nino acquitted cases, sinful masses smoked in staircases
    Blight days magnified like police copter spotlight at night
    Broad blades, Japanese kamikaze tsunami waves air raids
    Fingerbang Glocks, premeditated onslaught of rogue cops
    Fratricidal maniac, Mad Max flashback of bike gang attack
    Time-delay fuse/petrol leaks deadly instruments of combat
    Homicidal acts as soon as I brandish Bill Duke predator Mac
    Preacher quick draw, Dirty Harry .44 lacerates like hacksaws
    Slug outbreak shift brains like earth does plates after quakes
    Rivals that step to me must want their lives to be in jeopardy
    Death penalty to an enemy after I murder them in first degree
    Deadly melodies of Stephen Paddock route 91 grisly weaponry

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    Right here at your request
    Address the best even now
    Roast heads over kerosene flames
    Going in hard making minds mates
    Myriad by how I bury you
    Dreaded minds wander never a sundered
    Know the overview redo the specs
    My checks be inspected detest the rest
    Relapse on a track technically gifted shifted faces
    Face off with the two in the face
    Laced outta place making waste
    Laying waste with nothing about face
    Nice with the bars
    Naughty with my fantasies
    Roaming Rome rolling dro
    My flow be cold as ice
    Twice as antagonize arctic winds
    So remember I’m from snowiest city
    Aka The Cuse ya know
    I’m flames drains pains lame
    Give them game know your roll
    Float down here
    I’m wise as pennies provided
    So don’t realize it
    When it subsided I’m deluded by how my hubris
    Be lunatic or should I say I’m a mic psycho unlike no

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    Major operation event invasion on black, Asian, Malaysian, and Caucasian
    The census taken before the process of elimination
    Lacing our loud with pesticide trying to wind down the population
    Poisoning foods laboratory made epidemics new world order flu
    Passports taken so your doomed like inhaling fumes
    Soon the nations warring school's shot up students blood pouring
    Bloody books and bulletproof backpacks U.S.A. Iraq
    Dope, weed, pills, and crack we've been under attack
    Sinister traps minister killer stealing offerings from the churches black
    You either try, die, give up or adapt slap on the wrist or shot in the bricks
    Fuck making it rain at the club I'll club your brain one of us won't exist
    More hypocritical than PAC making keep ya head then he got charged for raping a bitch babies Born stiff to some premature death is a wish
    Kids all payed for no back payment arraignment no kuta no slaveship
    The core of whores rotten unwashed staining cloth nasty vagina broth
    Me being away from you how is how I'll get off so leave or get tossed
    Before I choke you out with this dental floss get lost like you never knew my address go get some soap, a shower, and some bed rest
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