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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    I can speak but people around me
    don't seem to understand my words..
    They just pick me up and feed me the bottle..
    sometimes i cry being disturbed..
    Pa has a nerve to say i'm not his
    ..around me puffing herb..
    Glad he's out of my life,
    he can't change my pampers
    or hold me right..
    Crying at night for my beloved mothers attention..
    She's there whenever i call her,
    she's my dependent..
    All these strange people
    extending me their hands..
    When i was old enough to walk..i ran..
    Can't wait to grow up,
    sick of being called little man..
    Heard my parents argue didn't understand..
    pa said i wouldv'e never existed
    if it wasn't for the popped trojan..
    Ma broke down like a car out of gas
    then stole em..
    His jaw he was holding,
    as his fists hit her dome then she fell..
    Scared i started to wail,
    and pa started to yell..
    Ma never moved again..
    after i saw all this red stuff come from her mouth she was coughing..
    Know he's gone too and my new name is orphan..
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