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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Precedent present president
    Acting like what you represent
    Its evident evidence
    Making relevance relevant
    To what your in the presence of
    Rise above
    When Doves cries
    Bugs die, wolves lie in sheep’s clothing
    Time flies, life dies and the phoenix rise
    I don’t chain gang like a gang on chains
    I bang out words quick
    Clang two things
    Call it a typewriter
    Don’t need no kids ghostwriting
    I’m a ghost for myself writing
    Spit it despite what you try and write
    I’m right with a left hook
    Look in a book for guidance
    There no alliance
    just defiance

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    You know my science allign the alliance beneath the star bars destroyed the tigress lioness as well the gangsters grail date medieval warning ring the bell
    From stings you loudly yell serenade's of pain nothing simple or plain I bring a feeling of insane disdain deadly medley feeds dangerously snipe your satanic underhanded underworld populations panic no flag salute
    Bust a shot dispute undisputed lyricist persistent in the booth
    Boots laced kick face blood you taste teeth break like bboy dancers
    Rocks steady bagged by narcotic traffickers then auctioned on blocks a teacher poor and righteous illuminated five percent of the dark matter that drifted through the hole unholy role model with a mouth full of gold cold as ice bold as Christ you cut the pole it's poltergeist poked your wife no Facebook but I got a book to face
    One who shook the place defaced like prodigy's mural ladies sex me oral pass the grand fam I'm royal
    Territory unknown but the chrome beats the ears like Dre beats headphones gun glows in the dark
    Foot game wallaby Clarke silenced by the silencer fatal shot dispursed thoughts can't break mantra's heart
    My spear killed the great white hungry shark the harp humbles
    As squads fumbled in the rumble the most infamous influential team leaders crumbled

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