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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    All hail like Mary I'm no Catholic pardon my passage hyper blasted off the Old thompson
    Ready to bring the action like Bronson with black gun heads spun as my right hand trained the wheels u niggas aim to chill I aim to kill verbal glock steel you youngsters know better than to betray us don't bite the feeding hand heathens banned to hard labor for only a grams

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    Made you look
    Hated fated laser shaved
    like Superman's chin
    Been lento’s made in a Beto box
    Aimed clocked up like kabuto
    Know I bob and weave
    Read moves indeed
    Your moves are just like a street fight
    Studio studied mind of a buddy
    Prolific ink pens made minds up
    Duck a couple bucks
    Grab my cash atm style
    Digital dominance and obvious
    Making rapping prominence
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