Smoldered smoke from feral gunfire tripped the alarm
Submachine gats the size of Kodiaks is how I bear arms
Pistol poppers with dimensions of Black Hawk choppers
Deadly weaponry aimed like that firing squad in Valkyrie
Violent tides swell after slugs are freed from their shells
Trigger finger with lice how it itches to blast, bullets bask
Roasted lead travels thru feverish barrels, whistled metals
Annoyed ammo like Sandusky when they touch these boys
Shotgun math when I divide you in half, severed bloodbath
Closed casket when my machete is at point blank proximity
Dagger tips dipped in full-blown AIDS sever shoulder blades
No need for drug addict’s paraphernalia when I crack heads
Plasma splattered bedspreads, Cincy big red from bloodshed
Dickheads covered in it like menstrual sex, punctured v-necks
Dearly departed breath, deceased hover upon wings of death
Cold cases when stiff remains found, profound burial grounds