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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Burning streets flames reach smoke out the box blow out the ox
    Weed in the pottery pot perfect time to ravish the plot
    Prodigy glocks me and the mob bring havoc to blocks
    Hell on earth shots nothing Danish sweet bitter heat
    Prelude as we ruled troops in motion to not be ridiculed
    Kool like the cigarette signal text texturing effect
    Drips like the runs heavily hit for the funds
    Thoughts hit the pavement laughed at by out of control Young's

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    Hearse is in reverse cause I’m about to murder this verse
    Rogue sniper with chopper how I slaughter corner ciphers
    Burners as deadly as Darth Vader with dual-phase lightsaber
    Gunpowder-based weaponry keeps 911 lines extremely busy
    Spit petroleum to blow off steam, oral cavity full of kerosene
    Daisy Cutter bombs, Vietnam streets after descent of napalm
    Human incinerator that’s why I was branded Mexico’s Lucifer
    Netherworld vernacular of hell’s messenger, purgatory reveler
    Satan sperm spawn, enthralled by ghastly visions past and gone
    Active Kilauea volcano cataclysmic appetite, paramilitary psyche
    Homicidal thoughts of terrorists in cockpit to eclipse lunar orbits
    Barbaric battalion barbarian, camouflaged by tormented regions
    Army apparel is military, sovereignty in face of bellicose activities
    Desert eagle disciple, hastily turned to violence not gods and idols
    Decided not to waste life based on mortal morals, irreligious radical
    Never swore on bible, all I need is a target in the scope of my rifles

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    It’s S-H double the lyrical armed
    Check the pulse of the culture
    Read cha like the palm
    Drop psalms with more than josephs
    Had to quotients to divide devise
    Realize I had to unleash
    Elemental Hero Honest Neos
    So okay play ya hand right
    And the tarrot is the card
    I run with these masked heroes
    Call me shadow mist
    Before I call on dark law to lay down the law
    Put it down on the baptism
    Check the activison
    Emasculate by how I rip mics
    And how I delete you like bad mixtapes
    Do get deleted like temp files
    Know I’m guile by how I’m wild
    Iron out the gile by how I drink by miles
    Ahead Jedi mind trick ya back to the future
    Know I work, home rinse repeat
    So when I’m on a beat
    The beast has been unleashed
    Ready to feast so its beast mode
    Sheep mode if ya didn’t know

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    I'm everywhere like Android OS bully the bull bullets fly fatal effects
    Army dressed slacks pressed it's pressure on vets veterans vexed
    Name on memorial of those m.I.a. men hit by strays fire unfriendly
    Deadly barricades caution to those walking in the blade's direction
    Drop a lesson lyrical blessings I count with both hands Wesson protection
    In the field we wasp sting crucified cross king chaotic smoking whatever they bring

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    Peppered pots is where the mesclun stops
    The pestilence starts the tempered illusions stops
    Armageddon begins to drop topped off with tumble weed
    You bumble seeds I rumble in the jungle like Apollo creed you see
    Mechanized raps don’t stop pop minds pot hole plot holes get filled
    Drilled by how I killed it over a track like a bitch orgasm
    Master blast e’m like my first rap name
    Baptized by how I flame on johnny storm
    Making minds a norm board by how hoard flow accord
    Report cha like annex separated aided faded laid it down
    This is my road to perdition spit wisdom
    had it dripping down like water from a chalice
    asking where’s the balance
    doing damages by the millage

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    Street merchant snatching merchandise after that I murk the mic
    Mystical danger grab the banger verbal shots in flight like the albatross
    These pigs shoot us unarmed so I'm armed for cause nothing probable
    About murder you want to sell my internal organs so it's organized slaughter
    Harder to accept the truth for loot thousands are selling out in the first quarter
    Lace up my cortez running survival drills with my son and daughter
    Fuck this new world disorder I'm creeping like illegals through the border

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    Promos a no no
    No homo get cha jelly up
    Relish the chances
    Afromention damces romances
    I’m cancerous by how I infect this
    Retro fit raise the bar slay the harsh
    What a farce when ya movie buff
    Slouch in the cut flick it up
    Blades sparks razor sharp amazing art
    Ways to spark doing the dance
    Don’t take it to heart
    There’s always somewhere to start
    So time pass the checkered flag
    On this lap around the track
    Where those facts be at

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