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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Smoldered smoke from feral gunfire tripped the alarm
    Submachine gats the size of Kodiaks is how I bear arms
    Pistol poppers with dimensions of Black Hawk choppers
    Deadly weaponry aimed like that firing squad in Valkyrie
    Violent tides swell after slugs are freed from their shells
    Trigger finger with lice how it itches to blast, bullets bask
    Roasted lead travels thru feverish barrels, whistled metals
    Annoyed ammo like Sandusky when they touch these boys
    Shotgun math when I divide you in half, severed bloodbath
    Closed casket when my machete is at point blank proximity
    Dagger tips dipped in full-blown AIDS sever shoulder blades
    No need for drug addict’s paraphernalia when I crack heads
    Plasma splattered bedspreads, Cincy big red from bloodshed
    Dickheads covered in it like menstrual sex, punctured v-necks
    Dearly departed breath, deceased hover upon wings of death
    Cold cases when stiff remains found, profound burial grounds

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    I went from Nike snickers
    To Benz whips flipping flames over sick tapes
    Dropping darts in temple
    End you on a track its that simple
    To bitches sucking my dick
    Peep my mind state
    The chronic got me wanna rip more people
    Know how to equalize what you despise
    Rise out the gave like a vampire
    Know I’m a zombie because I’m diabetic
    Ill kinetic know I’m ready for it
    It’s the chaos when I display odds

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    Spark ya mind light rhyming type nice iron
    Fierce finding lien in the lining of my army jacket
    Pick pocket drop topics
    Now I don’t shuts it down
    Bust a clown I’m not gonna stand there
    while you choking out ya chick
    While fifth teen of us stand there
    Waiting for the bus
    Watch how mall security did nothing but march over
    Fuck these rental cops they just police rejects
    Eject me outta the situation like tape
    Redact me from anything you read
    I don’t feed into politics
    Its just a pile of tricks
    So I throw my headphones on and march to my beat
    Read it feed lead through the day
    Taking calls on everything throughout my day
    Relay with speakers dictating thoughts to me through someone else
    So I don’t wanna hear you complain
    Because you can’t get cha way
    This isn’t child’s play this is my horror film
    Chop and dice emcees up like lunch meat
    Grind you down to morceles
    Endorphins don’t doctor your coffins
    When I’m coughing on you
    Influenza my influence ends ya quick

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    I’ve been ready to boil like diluted coke stashed in tin foil
    Beast appetite has increased, heavy mental of a killer priest
    Mercenary murderer, utmost power revealed by vile horrors
    Heat handler, SIG Sauer hammer sprayed like paint canisters
    I spit savage rounds like Mike Tyson with .50-caliber revolver
    Grenade launcher vernacular, cruelty of Austin serial bomber
    Genuine bomb threats, explosives sent via internet not FedEx
    I’m Edward Hyde a twisted side of Dr. Jekyll in a state of peril
    Psyche off hinges like addicts after a rendezvous with syringes
    Instantly rejected at gates of Heaven because I’m son of Satan
    David Berkowitz schizophrenic, every bar I supply is to slay shit
    Lyrical lethal, small cap raps will turn this to the murder capital
    Hitman to a notorious crime family, Luca Brasi deadly weaponry
    Box cutters on an airliner, projectiles in my full metal jacket liner
    Military marksman of a sniper like I was Guns & Ammo subscriber
    It is unfair how I lock down streets before martial law is declared

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    I graduated tops in my class in the school of hard knocks
    Ill mental state when I pen homicidal manifestos with quills
    Lethal vernacular deadly razor sharp like arsenic tip daggers
    Somber revelations of the forbidden, wiseguy words spoken
    Psychotic tactical technician brandishin’ combative weapons
    Aerial sprays of crop dusters, sulfuric gas mixed with mustard
    Lit barrel smoke of dope addicts pipes, military strikes to mics
    Ireful IED’s confined, livewire how I skip rope with powerlines
    Molotov petrol incendiaries, 3rd degree burns cocktail parties
    Backdraft archer, skylines left smokin’ like Bin Laden’s martyrs
    These Bhad Bhabie emcees after the gold like Danielle Bregoli
    Their Peter Dinklage Doritos diminutive bars cause no damage
    MIA foes lost on gallows of hopes after larynx in throats broke
    Murderous rampages of watery weaponry is why plasma gushes
    Tsunami soundwaves is how I escort my nemeses to their graves
    Heaps of funeral wakes are imminent that’s why no future awaits

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    These raps cats be mad annoying trolling thinking they owning something
    When they just upholding stolen views
    Y’all rapper voices be mad annoying
    Sounded like you got a condom stuck in ya nose or something
    Y’all trolls be goal breakers
    Under handed soul takers
    Faking the funk like you got some juice
    Let loose or get doses with some
    Close encounters of the third kind
    Go blind by masturbating too much
    I go in for the clutch finish
    Rip minds out cha dentist
    Don’t even have to rent a center this
    I fixed with flames at no request
    It’s the demon in the flesh
    Taking down you screen geniuses
    With no way to recover
    those ip addresses
    Your intellectual properties
    Are monopolies by companies
    Making us consumers pay monthly
    So don’t dumb us down
    Or give us fans the run around
    I gun it now back to the future
    Where I now get to recruit cha

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    I’ve had The Juice of Simpson since murder weapon went missin’
    Volcan de fuego burns inside me that’s why the spit is an inferno
    I’m reason they created terror alerts, irked zealous terrorist lurks
    I inhale chemtrails to exhale stale gales, in this realm evil prevails
    In head been as sick as Liberace teaching sex ed on his death bed
    Maniacal wrath diabolical, my own delusions imprison my mental
    Pupils flooded by hallucinations, lost mind on pathway to oblivion
    Mentally I shared cell with Dahmer and is the reason I’ll rot in hell
    Callous nature confirmed, heart so cold sternum has freezer burns
    Distorted psyche loves to relive despicable past, comatose outcast
    Father of Sam, son of anarchy hurled thru ghastly portals of misery
    Malevolent kamikaze like pilots sent to Pearl Harbor from Nagasaki
    Japanese aviators’ deadly artillery, heavy metal screams like AC/DC
    Inhumanity of Jack the Ripper, empty ammo till index fingers blister
    Dr. Lecter horrors, face of leather quick to complete manslaughters
    Faiths severed, sheep lost because this pitbull mauled their shepherd

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    Grade fade laid waste
    Made cha disappear
    And resurface like mase
    So get made aided by flames
    I’m shatterproof like gorilla glass
    Made cha mass triple
    Spit flames made the water wiggle
    Take it like nose candy to a sniffle
    Snuff minds put cha down
    Got verbals eat cha down ghosts
    Revamp your personal brand
    Don’t gimme the corporate jargon
    It’s hard living off the Rachel gibbons

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    I dream big spit flames burn it down like a forest
    got flows like rivers of a keg going down my throat
    dope enough to make hope floats
    reload cha darts like a webpage
    off the page, come thru with an iPad
    doing it bigger, badder and deffer than flammable gases
    leaving you smelling rancid without the stomach acid
    capture the smells like yells in hells like your flaccid
    dropping heat with more wattage and amperage
    doing damage like doomsday vs rampage
    age it well shell out the damage like a dps should do
    redo ya like see through negligee
    replay the footage at a fiends crib
    redact the flow on more matresses
    leaving you blacked out like bad actresses
    I’m the master of chaos
    Making you display odds

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    We spot foes cock glock shot hit snot box
    Blood on tank top as bitches faint on spot
    Looking at stained stairs the pain shared
    At funerals fumes spread lead turn red heads
    To nothing left glamour blessed actually
    Facts the lord finessed taken to Congress
    Unruly dressed to kill kilometers sharks bite when blood flows all the blows come fast
    Hydro smash graphics pit block the mass

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    Posting flows on darts like a rap writer see the feedback jack
    Nefertiti the wraps like Dutch masters do the blunts
    Abstract tackle tippy taw on the pimping scowl
    I’m plowing through regimes
    With schemes like a stormy day come thru
    Mostly rumbling apirl showers
    Giving me no flowers for the dead
    Red head bed sled know the ledge
    Gimme hammers so I can nail it in coffins
    Grind cha down to marrow
    Kerry Kiddles your dribbles
    Off the V-C you still can’t see me
    Invisible making kinda sorta critical
    To the physical psychotic mind robotic to the fiber optics
    Slowly cloudy resdue by the medical
    Checking you vitamin d levels
    T-H-C the beat like DOOM’s my favorite ladies on repeat

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    Father of vile abomination like the dad of Charles Manson
    On Mother Earth to ravage but not like your average savage
    Silverback raised by feral jungle, verbal organizer of funerals
    Desecrate caskets like Frank Lucas, Dr. Kevorkian apparatuses
    Lecter horror when I see more cadavers than Chicago coroners
    Jeffrey Dahmer chef, cook beef after they take their last breath
    Godfather of violence when I give birth to your gruesome death
    Vehicular manslaughter after I spray cars like Sonny at toll booth
    Slugs out shells thru Teflon vests to prove they aren’t bulletproof
    Furnace hot lead to your grill, flame your beef like Hamburger Hill
    Akademiks apparel charbroiled by vehement ammo out rifle barrel
    Behemoth heavy metal splatters horizontal long bones in clavicles
    Shotguns sawed-off opponents in half like Harry Houdini assistants
    Tec 9 reckless mindset equivalent to Russian roulette, craniums wet
    Terrains as lethal as carnivores in the Serengeti, plasma ceremonies
    Deadly itineraries, robust enemies go from mortuaries to cemeteries

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