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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Stringent my mind is a prison
    A nude vision
    That ain’t been painted
    Estranged by how I’ve spent it
    I don’t string guitars
    I pull strings on bars
    And play them all the way to mars
    Kiss them cars
    Kiss them bars
    Kiss those converse
    Blown stuff up party crasher
    Closed fist body wrapper
    Slap through the screen
    Bust a machine
    Vexed off the regime
    Piston screams
    Horsepower steams
    Drop the nitro
    My shit be flames
    Always keep a pocket full of that hydro

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    makes my eyes glow mantra nocturnal
    Firm flow transform to inferno internal
    Damages done man on the run I'm a roadrunner gun lover shot stunner
    Ground lay me under suit white belt black
    Mastered moving packs where the pigs brutally murder blacks shots in backs lethal injection raps hard times move chopped dimes no cuff in you pay for puffing
    your saying nothing shells drop percussion
    End of discussion disgusting blood gushing
    Body reconstruction for making assumptions I'm thumping with broken hands hammers in the sand for the sharks
    Shattered your fam your frantic man
    Unable to man up but you can turn up like volumes wild goon popped soon as the moon full get off that Chicago bull
    Have u.n.e. pull I'm in the building with a dime all natural you rappers comical as David dangerously raging raven head shots until it caved in

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    Caved in
    Winded by the asthma attack I’m about to have
    Drip driven skip school
    Sipping on the green tea
    Oblyrate emcees back in the rec room era
    Divide by the wise
    Divert your forces uphill
    skip skills
    Drip tips as your housing slips
    scroll past the Facebook debates
    trying recreate tracks
    with no sampling
    I write flames
    Acting like nitrous
    Asking how hot can it get
    I’m the eye of hurricanes
    Making my rocks divine
    Pop minds like pimples on dimples

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    Had that Memorex
    Before prophylactics
    Know Iím rapid with the impasto
    Close your roster
    I roast ya
    Water world Iím Kevin Kosner
    Making magic eight balls queue theories
    Put queries in quotes yíall still donít hear me
    Dope tight nice when I write
    Had that outdoor laced with pine sol
    My shit donít boil
    I recoil in my shell
    Cancer when I infect
    Chin check
    Detect you on my radar
    Spit flames disrupt your sonar
    Redact all my playbooks
    Slay hooks
    Prized books, all the notes took
    Had the whole knapsack shook
    So when I write I spit delight
    Slap you so hard you relapse
    My closed caption raps
    Leave you brain exposed
    Decode my flows
    Reload the darts
    Chamberís sick
    I ainít lit, Iím fire that means flames to you lames no game
    Numb to the game novakane
    Say my name one more time
    Iíll keloid your mind
    Wolf down your spine
    Make your city mine
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    My nuggets got the team from Denver heated
    Heavily weeded for you ambulance call needed pussy beat it fuck Louis my logic beating many cases off the bracelets embrace oasis never rocked sneaks with no laces your a let down like when Reggie Miller couldn't propel the pacers to greatness go advanced and make it one shot to give deadly donations racing time awake and shine infa red design ace of bass sign I define endurance high performance death apostle giving you a murderous gospel warning
    Colossal scoring enduring the drama fatal shot karma for goners

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