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Thread: "show These Crabs How To Rhyme Thread"

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    Precedent present president
    Acting like what you represent
    Its evident evidence
    Making relevance relevant
    To what your in the presence of
    Rise above
    When Doves cries
    Bugs die, wolves lie in sheep’s clothing
    Time flies, life dies and the phoenix rise
    I don’t chain gang like a gang on chains
    I bang out words quick
    Clang two things
    Call it a typewriter
    Don’t need no kids ghostwriting
    I’m a ghost for myself writing
    Spit it despite what you try and write
    I’m right with a left hook
    Look in a book for guidance
    There no alliance
    just defiance

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    You know my science allign the alliance beneath the star bars destroyed the tigress lioness as well the gangsters grail date medieval warning ring the bell
    From stings you loudly yell serenade's of pain nothing simple or plain I bring a feeling of insane disdain deadly medley feeds dangerously snipe your satanic underhanded underworld populations panic no flag salute
    Bust a shot dispute undisputed lyricist persistent in the booth
    Boots laced kick face blood you taste teeth break like bboy dancers
    Rocks steady bagged by narcotic traffickers then auctioned on blocks a teacher poor and righteous illuminated five percent of the dark matter that drifted through the hole unholy role model with a mouth full of gold cold as ice bold as Christ you cut the pole it's poltergeist poked your wife no Facebook but I got a book to face
    One who shook the place defaced like prodigy's mural ladies sex me oral pass the grand fam I'm royal
    Territory unknown but the chrome beats the ears like Dre beats headphones gun glows in the dark
    Foot game wallaby Clarke silenced by the silencer fatal shot dispursed thoughts can't break mantra's heart
    My spear killed the great white hungry shark the harp humbles
    As squads fumbled in the rumble the most infamous influential team leaders crumbled

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    Read between the lines
    Bust a mind like dope is the grind
    Popped in seconds like a pimple
    Posted up notes
    Quote tokes
    The wolf among us
    Son dumb us
    Bunt a plum
    Shit out a ton of us
    Clutch my fist
    Grip the flask whisk away spit with no delays
    Emcees try to relay
    Replay it back
    I donít need a vocal edit
    I need you to cut it out
    And send it straight to debit
    Or you could be in hospital bedics
    Address it
    Ruthless leaving emcees toothless
    Cheat on exams
    Crash cams making out tags
    Chesapeake Deepak copra
    My sickness be relentless
    End sentences
    Tenctiles be whipping it around here
    So donít get Krillin and get killed kid
    Ainít no dragonballs gonna be here
    To wish ya back to life twice
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    My tribe is on a quest to capture Marauders at midnight
    Scenario good night old Thompson fifth and a weed pipe Piper's leak like overrun toilets call the plumber
    Pummeled the punks with more heat than a Arizona summer
    Wonder minus the nine little brother uttered my clever lines
    Late at night see the walking dead I'm dedrimental to mankind
    Slang rhymes most can't produce
    Your squad members I just reduced blood spilling like a knocked over cup of juice Pitbull let me loose you might shoot I just justify the justice I brung and sons testify but lack an alibi to how the lyrics fly uglier than stye above the eye running with lions so you'll die if you disrespect the pride

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    Rap these days is weak washed up
    Like ya momma wiping yo ass
    Taylor Swift is the epitome of your fragility
    masquerading as creativity
    there’s no balance
    only on the air violence
    mastering silence
    is how I stay prominent
    on the promise
    there’s no evidence
    I’m dilated with my pupils
    Purple pills
    got me climbing up purple hills
    Fight music
    High off the chronic
    Soul charge
    Bon voyage
    Know my chaotic barrage
    Get off my barge
    You ain’t even seen what’s in my garage

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    You can nip-tuck til its enough
    You can potty train them til they tough
    You can write nice
    But weak as a pot of rice
    Ice cold freezer fridge
    Mid-Ocean Ridge
    Pigeon hole these rappers to death
    They ain’t def
    Their deaf, hearing impaired
    Nothing there but wax in they ears
    Their peers star struck
    Dumb enough to vote for trump
    All bumps in the road lead here
    STD given tears
    put fears in the bears
    They cut jay not resigning a lame
    No leadership their
    Just another bad build a bear

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    You emcee's trying to run game like a wide receiver but I'm not a believer slice ya meat with a cleaver my money just-in like Bieber see ya slipping like kids on ice I post up like LeBron and settle the score for the night you better off fucking your self like a dike with a dildo stopping careers like red lights while I still go it's meek how I take Mills you chasing dreams while I bust in your ladies face it's all real like pitch black hit em with big Mack's my money doubles like Whoppers put Lee on a spike twisting trees as I right renditions
    Editions flood blocks like Texas kneck twist for your necklace
    Soul controller pushing niggas like baby strollers born with the venom like cobras gun to the grill heads barbaqued lyrics fly as Halle berry nude monsters get shot in balls

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    Coming at my throat
    Get you cut off at the knees
    Put you in trees
    Roll you high off the chronic
    Bionic arm like Misty Knight
    Luke Cage
    Put pages to allegories
    Made stories outta biographical histories
    Small victories be my mantra
    Antra connect reject
    What you accept
    Eject your train of thought
    Like Cassette tapes and CD’s
    Get stopped and deleted
    Like MP3’s on my iPhone
    Battle clones straight to your face
    Don’t need john cena bootlegs
    Rest your legs she does anal for days
    Snatch cha knees off the hip
    While you flying a spaceship
    Teleporter isn’t working
    So you can’t engage
    Disengage auto-pilot
    I’m type nice with flying F-16’s
    Are the air forces M-16
    This is Ace Combat
    Bomb back
    Aren’t you bringing prom dates back
    Refunds are against my policy
    Operate naturally

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    I’m like a drug test
    you can’t get past me
    or outlast me
    you still can’t see me
    like David Patterson
    rob the government blind
    grinded into the ground
    get pounded by fighters on the other side
    get no free rides
    you’re still a virgin
    before you went mobile
    you can’t boost mobile
    when you can barely sprint
    get disconnected like Nynex
    turn retard your still subpar
    not up to par or up to bar
    there’s a uproar
    because there no detour
    get off my lawn or
    get scattered like ants
    dance with the devil
    in the pale moonlight
    too bad its too bright
    I am the night
    I’m the knight when I write
    Stick your shtick up shits creek
    Get you trapped inside a thriller
    From OJ to Michael’s killer
    Doc Samson to action Jackson
    JACKASS packs more action
    Than Charles Branson
    Grant you a death note
    Wishes come true
    Sorry excuse for a dps paladin
    Making your magic then
    I’m graphic eat you lizard face
    Trapped like a rabbit
    Surviving off nothing but Babbage, ravage, savage and cabbage
    So do your damage your on candid camera

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    Hot in the majors pop the collar players that can't maintain the maim
    Spartacus brain willpower spill power through weed smoke pain
    Spoke slang name rang bells of shells where towers fell
    Empty the gun well desert eagle hell close caption fire
    Murder wire desire sire to destroy empires of the lamest liars
    Screaming Mariah bleeding from pliers my wordplay showers
    Conversion on the combo John doe body laying in the snow
    Killers crow lost soul sauces inform bosses the cost is high
    Cross your eyes loss of eyes blindside where u abide
    Life ends when jealous sets in respect me don't touch him

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    Spark ideas out thin air
    Nothing to stir or stare
    Fixated on often open-ended questions
    Addressing tested
    Hyphenated invaded WCW
    Know its world war 3
    Entering the foundation
    Been found dating bones
    Busting chrome against clones
    Know Iím home
    Making the throne collapse
    Outta pressure
    Too tight to address ya
    Got puppets puppeteering the masses
    Faxes facsimile rappers get taxes
    Get idiots off the internet relax kid
    So interject where I precept
    receive disbelief
    Retrieve stolen goods
    what happening hoods
    No protesting
    Chess piecing making leaching off you
    fetching featuring whatís lingering around
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    Study the lines shines of the shackles suckers snap crackle notorious tackle big blast you by pac statue tribe grapples on forest leaves warp speeds shark seeds great white attack hype the pack black wolves on your back die in the green bay where packers spray patriots I'm patriotic robotic lyrical logic triumph over target getting money like fish markets bitch knock this hot topic new like Orleans hurl beams drinking lean pop fiends my bars trump and thump underground digital assassin monk
    Wants and needs status greed hello wind staff smash a thieve
    leave weaves on cement forces indecent Allah defense bomb the precint

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