A recent piece.....criticism is always welcomed...

My bars are harder than marble stained wit the blood of martyrs/
wit bums I barter for gems, in exchange for them, I pen charters/
explainin why men falter, burnin pagan incense on a dead altar/
meanwhile I recite the psalter, standin tall on rocks of Gibraltar/
the author of the third testament, it don't end until I ascend/
no tellin when the devil contend, but my pen will be ready then/
tell a friend, I recommend you extend a hand before you offend/
my phlegm is gems, they condemn what they can't comprehend/
false prophets and preachers pretend, that's the triumph of evil/
ions is feeble, my hustle's a muzzle that makes my silence illegal/
Zionist people shout in defiance against the science of steeples/
my giants is lethal, ridin in Regals wit the pride of lions and eagles/
I’m writin the sequel to Ezekiel, a prophet spittin to dry bones/
my vision is light shown, reflected across different time zones/
of the four corners, blindin the angels, at five different angles/
wit tigers I tangle, it feel good to live in the eye of the bengal/
I wouldn't lie if it's painful, I've become numb from the atrocities/
my acute prophecies mangle, mayn, I try angles like Isosceles/
I'm stoppin these rap dudes who's obtuse and use painful policies/
wit truth I systematically split atoms into mathematical anomalies/
obviously...I'm oblivious to the trivial pursuit of the frivolous/
a criminal subliminalist spittin murder, facin lawsuits and litigants/
this is equivalence to eloquence, elevate my Elohim development/
in cells I was celibate, but my equilibrium equaled an elephant's/
crushin skeleton bones near the angelic hosts' elegant throne's tier/
I go near, just a son of man on earth, but my name is known here/
stabbed the pope wit a chrome spear, then wiped Nina Simone's tears/
ancient vagrants was my old peers while I roamed on the gold sphere...