Some arrogant poetry for y'all:

Superiority complex, lyrical authority over a majority of concepts/
seniority on this convex orb, ya see, on this grammatical conquest/
itís a fanatical process the way I forge this mathematical content/
a monk who blow skunk on sabbatical, the projects is my convent/
you can take me outta context but chu canít take me out the game/
top five alive, shout my name, I push lame emcees out the frame/
on top of that, I move caine, mary jane, and that boy for ya veins/
avoidin that same shit, I spit knowledge for that void in ya brain/
hereís a jewel: first rule of engagement, donít fool with the greatest/
you a fool in amazement of the latest opus of dopeness I created/
it seem like I was gone for ages, but now Iím back from my hiatus/
I was busy gettin wages, havin foot races wit racists in police chases/
I reached my oasis Ďfore I could catch more cases in them cages/
them gates is outrageous, to turn a gracious imam to a straight sadist/
but I made it around them bases, now Iím at home in the majors/
magnum opus like Poe's Raven, I am Picasso in his latest stages/
cuz Iíll leave you in braces like teenage faces, but itís permanent/
cuz, I came from the firmament wit the worst intent on murkin it/
I circumvent suckas in murderous tournaments, so stay subservient/
donít get chin checked or wrapped around the neck wit a tourniquet/
I fashion the planets like Copernicus, you canít match my swagger/
dungeons and dragons, catch my drift or you goní catch my dagger/
donít stagger out cha cave til you slaves hear the commander call/
spittin space age rage, Iím like Alexander to yíall neanderthals/
goddamn, Iím raw...