This thread is a display of the gems that I am occasionally blessed to receive. Your judgment is what I desire most. Elevation only comes through criticism and correction, so I appreciate any words that you are willing to leave.

Lyrical Lariat:
I got more cold cuts than delicatessens, teach you a helluva lesson/
the majority of cyphers is simply celibate sessions sellin digression/
a literal circle of lyrical virgins attemptin to sell an impression/
me? I would rather accelerate affection or just tell of my blessins/
use my bars to ask relevant questions that develop progression/
rip fellas in sections wit a vocabulary deeper than pelicans restin/
now Iíve finally found shelter from hell and the devilís tempest/
when the tempter attempts to tempt this I turn to Jah for defenses/
diabloís defenseless against this intense prayer warriorís senses/
my message is inexpensive if only you would just pay attention/
stay attentive as jury benches cuz the truth gets buried in trenches/
this hurtful violence is endless, the churchís silence is senseless/
celebrities smile for lenses, paparazzi pry in private parties for pensions/
drugs delve deadbeat daddies down demented devilish dimensions/
drunk drivers in S10s bring station wagons down deadly dead ends/
dead friends is what tends to send men to follow suicidal trends/
jumpin street medians, the mediaís teachin us to be greedy and tedious/
our TV is misleadin us, mistreatin us, our seeds is whatís needin us/
Iím never mad whenever pens and pads is my needed ingredients/
my mic is my medium, your attention is whatís needed immediate...

I Forgive You (verse one)
My pain--migrates--like migraine aches/
my strainís--wide placed--like five great lakes/
touchin a number of states, confusion included/
secluded in a dungeon til someone intruded/
imputed purity to my ventricles from verticals/
surged verges of vertigo since I burst from the cervical/
like spiritual surgicals, had emergency transplants/
flashbacks of urgency was purgin me past that/
pack rats ainít concernin me, burnin up Black packs/
these wack cats in backpacks ainít half as abstract/
can you match that classic rap amidst pop singles/
pockets of hot nickels, cold as popsicles wit block lingo/
the single king of neo-soul wit sprinkles of rhyme/
Iím not tryna put a hot iron to this wrinkle in time/
no regrets, holdin vets to they bets, child support debts/
itís treacherous but yet I gets naughty by nature on the set/
that ainít even my best lest distress dares me to stop/
Midwest declare me the best, this sess compares me to Pac/
every single compliment boosts my confidence/
I abhor cockiness, I stay abstinent from obstinates/
Iím a optimist, positive I wonít be stopped by obstacles/
clear cataracts in my opticals wit a whole box of Optimos/
Picasso is better than ever, never ever under the weather/
sever the feather soft, yes, the successor of NebuchadnezzarÖ

Time to rock the boat and ride the ripples, rhymes thatís simple/
get crippled in my mental whenever Iím high off indo/
spit flows from my temple thatíll make yoís decrescendo/
assemble cymbals as the kickdrum make yo chest tremble/
yes, Iím dead broke, ainít tryna make no friends, though/
but if you breakin bread, then you made one to the end, joe/
my pencil is my utensil to stencil my credentials/
at the central of heathens kept from reachin my potential/
prudential since knockin out windows in my residential/
providential, droppin gems so pretend you comprehend those/
Iíve conceived rhymes so deep, you wouldnít even believe/
even if you seen me and heard em breathed between my teeth/
I roll wit thieves, smokin leaves seems to be my lone reprieve/
I teach my boy to read, so my seed come half as dope as me/
heís only three--- wit affection to me sweet as potpourri/
reason enough to bleed, decry greed, and live soberly/
follow authority, stop disorderly thoughts that lower me/
plan trips overseas, speak Portugese wit African minorities/
this vision seem lofty, but too oft we tend to think softly/
now Iím awfully close to gettin this lost mindstate off me/
thank Jah...