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Thread: RTB in Chicago?

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    Default RTB in Chicago?

    Anyone goin to this? I went to the July 28th(Saturday) show at Randall's island but I'm gonna drive 13 hours each way to go see Wu headline in Chicago for RTB!

    At the Randall's Island show I got dehydrated during the day and had to relax until Wu came on, and honestly everyone was there for Rage. I would've much rather liked to see the two groups at different shows, cuz the crowd was pretty much all about Rage. Don't get me wrong, Rage was out of control, probably the craziest live show I've been a part of, but I went mainly for Wu.

    They were having mic problems during wu, like one of my favorite wu songs ever is "Duel of the Iron Mic" and you couldn't even hear Gza spitting the beginning of his verse, are you kidding me? They're set was too short, they had to like run through their hits, they started playing the beat for "Liquid Swords" and Rza was just like "they ain't ready for that" and they cut it off and didn't play it again. It was a great show, but I have the RTB San Bernadino concert dvd from '04 or whenever, and that show looked way better, they had such a longer set, and ODB(rip).

    So now a friend and I just bought VIP tickets to RTB Chicago on Aug. 26th, only reason I got VIP(didn't at Randall's Island) was because you get a meet and greet with Wu-Tang and I'm all about that shit. The Randall's Island show was my first Wu show, as I became a diehard wu fan semi-recently, I'm only 20.

    Hopefully this show lives up to my expectations better than at Randall's Island with Rage, Rage killed it, but they stole the show. I'm excited to see wu headline, and hopefully the meet and greet is legit. We're leaving on Saturday night from Long Island, New York, driving 13 hours to chi-town, hittin up the show goin nuts on Sunday, stayin at this chick's apartment that night, driving back Monday.

    Should be a great time, anyone else going?

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    yo bruin-

    props for the journey your about to go on in the name of wu-

    i live close to the chi but im not goin this time, ive seen wu live
    like 10 timez now-

    youre in for a treat cuz the venue overlooks chicagoz skyline,
    and you can see lake michigan.
    peace fam, enjoy yourselvez and keep reppin that "W"

    OTB - live and uncut

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    The show was off the chain. Me and my boy drove all night saturday and sunday during the day and got to the venue at like 6ish, the meet and greet with Wu was bullshit as I expected. Some security guard after said it happened at like 9:30 but that's when Nas was on and we had an ill spot so I wasn't about to leave. We got to the place, grabbed our vip stuff(backpack,t-shirt,poster,san disk memory cards,etc) bought some waters, threw 'em in our bags and went to get a good spot.

    We got pretty close right off the bat, we just kept workin our way up, started about 15-20ft from stage, and ended up pretty much at the railing right in front of the stage for Wu. From Immortal Tech startin it off and gettin the crowd hyped with all his gov't and revolutionary talk, givin it to Pharohe Monch who absolutely killed it with everything from "my life" to "fuck you" to ending it with the whole place jumpin with "simon says". Then Nas came on and did absolutely all his hits, and killed every one. Street dreams, The World is Your's, One Mic, Hip Hop is Dead, Got Yo'self a Gun, Get Down, If I ruled the world, oochie wally, black republican, ny state of mind, hate me now, thieves theme, dead presidents, it was CRAZY, he has so much energy and was on point.

    As I said i went to the July 28th Randall's Island show, and Rage and their fans stole the show. The crowd just didn't put any energy into all the acts like they did Rage, they were there for rage, I went for Wu, and to be honest, I was disappointed.

    Chicago was a different story, these were true hip-hop fans coming out to support. The crowd had so much energy it was crazy.

    Wu came on, and started it with aint nothin ta f**k wit, they did everything. da mystery of chessboxin, method man, shimmy shimmy ya, uzi back, triumph, cream, grid iron rap, bring the pain, protect ya neck, encarcerated scarfaces, bring tha ruckus, liquid swords, duel of the iron mic, 4th chamber, da rockwilder, do you really, it's your's, ice cream, reunited, started gravel pit but it got cut off at the end, and probably more that i'm forgetting, i think they did a new song.

    The crowd gave Wu so much energy and they really gave it back. The whole performance was amazing. The whole crowd did whatever they wanted, me and my friend were all the way in the front middle, right at the railing. If the Wu wanted W's, the crowd did it, we started WU TANG and ODB chants, the place was roaring.

    At one point Meth was shoutin out Wu-Tang and ODB love and some guy that was in the front but like 15 feet to the right of me said "F*CK WU-TANG!" Meth flipped out, he was like "F*CK WU-TANG?! NIGGA F*CK YOU! MAN IF ODB WAS HERE RIGHT NOW! F*CK YOU MOTHERF*CKER" It was crazy, they were yelling back and forth at each other, and the whole wu-tang clan and crew were around Meth yellin at this guy and the guy was talkin $hit, then Street Life jumps down to the railing and starts beatin the guy with his mic until he got pulled away, it was f*ckin crazy, the crowd was goin nuts I thought this guy was gonna get killed, then Mathematics drops "BRING THA RUCKUS" and the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Whole place, jumping, yelling, pushing, bringin ruckus for real. Ghost kills his verse, they all do, Meth spits his verse lookin straight at the guy starin him down it was sick.

    Meth jumped in the crowd mad times, stood on the railing right to the front-right of me, stood on top of the crowd literally and then was like "i know y'all like that $hit i know you ain't seen that $hit before" haha. he jumped off stage pretty much right on top of me, we threw him back up.

    Nas came out to do the track with Ghost and Rae, again killed it. Everyone was absolutely on point, the energy from both the crowd and the acts, especially Wu-Tang, was mind-blowing, they rocked it hard. Shoby(sp?) from System of a Down was even there and played guitar and got everyone jumping during 4th Chamber. ODB's son was there, chillin like in the back on stage, then Meth brought introduced him, he came out and the whole crowd started chanting "ODB" over and over, you could see his eyes tear up, and he was just nodding his head, it was awesome. Then the whole entire, and I mean the whole entire crowd did "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" with ODB's son and Meth, again, crazy.

    Every act, every Wu-member, made it a show to remember.

    Everybody was on point, everyone killed it, everybody brought tons of energy, absolutely amazing show. so many awesome things happened, too much to even remember, with I had it on camera. cell phone pics and vid just don't do it justice, although you can hear how crazy the crowd was.

    Overall, Rock the Bells Chicago, amazing, 'nuff said.
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    HA..I got that shit on video.... Maybe Ill post some footage.. they are still in Chicago and leave tonite for Detroit..

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    Quote Originally Posted by MsRzaRecTaH View Post
    HA..I got that shit on video.... Maybe Ill post some footage.. they are still in Chicago and leave tonite for Detroit..
    POST VIDS POST VIDS!! EMAIL ME SOMETHING!!!! haha i'm back home in NY now at work, $hit sucks...

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    get at me on gmail..
    and I got pics and footage at the crib..
    but just get at me on email so I dont forget..
    and someone merge this thread with the other one.. Peace and thanks!

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    mad vids on youtube, here's the fight


    search rock the bells chicago, crazy performances

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    check the last page of the "Wu on the road sticky" for pics.

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