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Thread: Under Attack From The Robot Tank(official warcloud thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Daniel Davis View Post
    You cannot doubt the clairvoyance of the great Warcloud as he clearly predicted Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in his UGHH freestyle # 1.
    Haha, I was thinking that exact same line when the conspiracy theories started coming out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guarded By Martyrs View Post
    "The Devils Of Kimon Mixtape"

    This is 2 CD's of just Holo-Verses with "Ninja Scroll" as the blueprint
    Intro's interludes ect...sick .

    There are loads of tracks out there like you say
    But the majority of them are on here, this is pretty much what you're after.

    "The Warghost Album Robot Tank Solo "

    "Warghost Mixtape" has a lot of his unrealesed verses over Wu-Beats
    A few gems in there.
    Yo playaz, can anybody help me out with these joints? I had a quick look for links and didn't come up with anything current.

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    Default American Poets 2099/Mysterious

    "Can't Fight Us Off The Mic" ft. Cappadonna & Holocaust

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    Holo's imagery>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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    Quote Originally Posted by LoTec View Post
    Good track but the effects they put on Holo's lines (rewinding & intertwining of words) distract me in a verse that is already short. I do get they were probably going for something playfyl. Liking that album by the way! Needs to get some more play this week.

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    Default Holocaust as Dr Who

    yo big dawgs, i remember from my early childhood watching episodes of Dr Who when it just changed from Black and White to colour and i think that now that its 2014 we deserve a black Doctor just like how America got a Black president.

    you dont have to see much to understand how Warcloud would fit right in but check here first for the theme tune:

    Doctor Who Themes (All of Them)

    Doctor Who | Day of the Daleks Trailer | Jon Pertwee

    I mean there's plenty of videos on youtube about the original Dr Who's but we all must admit that the newer series really SUCKS!!

    bring on the Warcloud!!!

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    I guess it helps if i post a link to a Warcloud video so you can see just how these two persons can integrate into one personality, Dr Who!

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    The European Warcloud?:

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    "Enthusiasm For Glass Is Contagious"

    "Unless Class Is Cancelled We Study Deuteronomy"

    "A Microphone Tong Has Got To Be Luke Warm"

    "The Inability To Escape Memories Of Disrespectability"

    "Pandora Means All Gifts To The Earth's Forestry"

    Does anyone else ever sit back and just think :

    "What The Fuck!!!!....How!?....But?!....Wait....Huh?....Oh!. ...I Get It Now....lol"

    Holo was always on another level spitting Silkworm Verses
    But this shit....yeah the casual listener ain't gonna hear him.

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    Third Single ''Graven Image'' Featuring Wu Tang Affiliate Holocaust
    Taken From Sinister Stricken's LP Divine Madness
    Produced by Amos - The Ancient Prophet

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    Here's an interesting one. "A crocodile learned to jump from tree to tree"

    i forget what song it's from, but check out this Fatboy Slim video for his song "Right Here, Right Now" and @ 1:34 you see warclouds rhyme being performed.

    is this a coincidence or is it possible Holocaust is tapping in to the Collective Unconscious and retreiving the same data in the form of Idea's as Fatboy Slim!

    you decide who's the best

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    Anybody hear this? Somebody just let me know the other day, I never heard of it before. It's pretty dope, but I can't make up my mind whether or not I think it's Holocaust. Does anybody know for sure or think one way or the other?

    Why I think it isn't him:
    1. He only has a hand full of mixed forest zone verses...I can't believe that this just popped up on YT one day without being pretty heavily talked about.
    2. The quality is good...all the previously unreleased Holo shit that has come out in the last few years was most likely ripped from a tape and sounds like asshole.
    3. Some of the rhymes don't sound like shit Holo would say.

    Why I think it might be him:
    1. Voice sounds pretty much identical...just a bit more high-pitched. Could be a bit earlier than his Black Knights shit, like 96ish.
    2. Some of the rhymes sound exactly like shit that Holo would say.
    3. Flow is very similar.
    4. Beat sounds like something that Holo would have been on a long time ago.
    5. I think I want it to be him (I guess it really doesn't matter because it sounds like him and is pretty ill, but whatever)

    I have listened to it about 20 times and keep going back and forth. Thoughts?? I'm surprised this track hasn't been mentioned on here (at least not that I could find)...
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    I don't think this is him.

    Some of the transitional type styles are unrecognizable
    As in we can't tell which box or category to put this in....
    That is, if it was him : This could be some lost Alcatraz track.
    But I can't help but remember first hearing this thinking it's him:


    The other thing is this :
    I'm under the impression that "Midnight In The Garden Of Good"

    Was his debut?

    That's the first track I heard of him and I was at school....
    And that voice was distinctive so if you're saying before that
    When he was Warcloud (again correct me if I'm wrong?)
    Then maybe? perhaps? but it just sounds a bit off to me....

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