One hot verse, now you think your God of this earth
But I've seen worse, only when a blade bursts
Organs, horny I be, fucking your broad b.
Tease a little, revolution, I beat that bitch till she's bloody
Crackhead, I pop heads cracking lead zapping whoever
Your crews coming, whatever, gotta be clever
I "Score" like The Fugee's, like Soprano, Tony
Mafia hits aim directed at your neck homie
Ash's on my clothes, hustle and flow
Wit every punch my muscles grow
Ruffling your feathers like Daffy Duck
One a million shot for you to diss me correctly, crappy luck
But lets go ho, flows not hot, I know
Leaving your head holey, leaving like Kapone
Try'n to decode but left in the dark from the start
Here's what I came to do, pop ya like a simple wart
Keep ya down, start kicking like kickball
Like guards, your opening the door for me
Not the other way, or there'll be a reading
I brutalize, tools I utilize properly for many eyes
No doubt, a suprise, not my style
Not in my repertoire, just keeo representing
To make fat kids resent ever dissing expecting
Weak shit from my next, nah, I keep it real
Reviel when I reviel then peel back
Hit that, split backs, rip tracks, kick gats